• Bringing love to Indonesia

    A Helping Hand

    Last Christmas we sent out this video in order to provide an opportunity in giving to those in need by buying a Jack and Jill Kids Desk.

    Pictures From the Village

    IMG_1293s IMG_1283s IMG_1423sThese ladies sit outside their house waiting for the nuts on the dishes to be dried out by the sun.IMG_1301sOne of many houses common in this small fishing village of 300 people.

    Hygiene Kits

    IMG_1368 We were able to help by offering time and funds in order to help get these Hygiene Kits out to these kids in Indonesia and their families.  IMG_1374

    Each Hygiene Kit: 4 toothbrushes, toothpaste, 2 bars of soap, a hand cloth, and a hair comb.

    Pictures of the Kids

    IMG_1335s IMG_1318s IMG_1296s



    Special Thanks to...

    Garth Hubert the CEO of The Original Scrapbox who last September came up with the idea to give part of our proceeds towards helping these families.IMG_1399s


    Jonathan Hubert his nephew who spearheaded and organized the Hygiene Kits.IMG_1397


    And YOU!


    Making a Difference

    Last year we visited this village with a doctor and we were able to help them understand and treat the dangers of staph infection.  Many of the kids had staph all over their skin.  This trip there was no sign of staph infection on any of the children.

    Many people in the village have tooth problems from the lack of knowledge of brushing their teeth so we hope that these hygiene kits will help cut down on teeth issues and hygiene related diseases in the future.

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  • Independence Day Sale!



    Happy Independence Day!! This weekend, we are celebrating the Red, White, and Blue with 15% off of our entire website! You do not want to miss out on this!

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  • Memorial Day Sale!!




    Between 5/23 and 5/26 buy any of our best selling Workboxes at regular price and receive a FREE Jinger Adams Craft Armoire!!

    The good news doesn't stop there! The ever so popular Ergo Workbox IS BACK for a limited time and will be included in this special as well! Quantity is limited on the Ergo Workbox so you don't want to wait on that one!

    Sale starts tomorrow! Get your craft rooms ready!

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  • Something Exciting is Coming!

    Something really exciting is coming your way!! If you just can't wait and need to know what the secret is, go to our website at www.theoriginalscrapbox.com and sign up to receive the newsletter for an early bird peak at what is coming your way!


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  • Something Special...

    Door/ Wall Mounted Craft Armoire

    Are you struggling to find new room for all your summer crafting supplies in a tiny room, or looking for more opportunities for organization?

    We want to bring that to you even if it means sharing a product another company has created... with the help of Hampton Art from their Jinger Adams collection we present the Craft Armoire!!

    DW promo


    But that's not all...

    RIBBONBOX-giveaway-1024x768 (1)

    Free Ribbon Box!!!

    This is your chance to really upgrade your craft room with this combo deal we have going on!

    Share your Beautiful CraftRoom with us by email and we may just feature your craft room for the world to see!!


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  • Summer is Coming!!

    kids sale

    Summer is right around the corner! I don't know if your house is anything like mine but after a few days in, the infamous words, "I'm bored!!!" start filling the air. The messes are out of control and I'm pretty sure their boredom takes a toll on me more than them. With our new lowered prices on the Kid's Desk, this is the perfect time to purchase if you haven't already. It takes care of the boredom AND the mess. You can't put a price on your sanity!

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  • Happy Mother's Day!



    Make your mother happy with a FREE EZ View Desk! In honor of Mother's Day and the amazing women who have blessed our lives, we are doing a Nominate Your Mom giveaway! Leave us a comment and tell us about that special woman in your life and the lives of others. The winner will receive an EZ View Desk (winner's choice of color) with extension drawers. We will choose the winner on Monday, 5/12. You can also participate on our Facebook Page here or on our Instagram page @theoriginalscrapbox. Share this post with your friends and family and maybe someone will nominate you!

    Happy Mother's Day!

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  • Our Bloggers

    We Thank You!

    We love sharing our product with new people and we have so many people to thank up to this point. If we don't mention you we are sorry and very thankful .  These bloggers and many more have featured us to show off their new purchase and we are more than grateful for them getting the word out.  Check them out and if you have a blog we don't know about let us know! Email us at:



    I'm sure you have seen Linda's room...if you haven't and love the white click here!



    Small craft room?  Cheryl will show you how to best use it and with our EZ view desk and Helen Desk.  Click here for more.



    Craft Critique was kind enough to feature us as a sponsored post on their site.  Yvonne one our crafters had her room featured in this blog, check it out.



    Brandy was running into trouble with so little room for her kid crafting supplies and take a look what she did.



    An older customer from a couple years ago, Natty, reviewed our product and gave a fun little assembly video of her and her husband putting it together.  They were so fast they managed it in a little over a minute. ;) Click here for review.


    Amanda shares "her ugly confession" and how The Original Scrapbox has helped her organize her life.  She has multiple posts on her blog with her assembly and shipping experience and how she organized her totes and some tips she used. Click for her blog.

    Shelves-and-Bins-for-Craft-Supplies-Organization-Tips-Serenity Now blog

    If you have featured us on your blog and feel left out please contact us immediately and we will give you a shout out of thanks!  Also if you don't have a blog and want to show off your WorkBox or craft room email us pictures and anything you want to share at:


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  • Birthday Surprise!

    Q: How do you surprise kids/ grandkids with presents?


    With electronics? With Candy? Or...

    Do you want to let them try something new?

    Something Creative...

    This Kids Desk gives your kids all they need to create their own movies and they will love it, if you don't believe us take a look at this video sent to us by a customer, Cheryl Blogger of SewCanDo.

    "Wow mom, this is awesome - I'm amazed!"

    PS: If you have fun videos and pictures of any Original Scrapbox product, please share via email and we will feature them in our blog!!


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  • CraftBox Seekers

    What do you have room for?

    Is your room too small or do you already have a workbox and still want more space for your things?



    This is your Chance to get a great deal on the Knotty Alder!

    If this isn't your cup of tea we still have 15% off of all the other CraftBoxes.


    Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous features this in her craft room alongside a WorkBox.  We want to help you get to this point in your craft room.  We want to help you achieve your dream craft room!  Hopefully this sale can give you a good start.

    Dream Craft Room?

    If you have a Dream Craft Room that you would like to share with us please send your pictures to:


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