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    We Thank You!

    We love sharing our product with new people and we have so many people to thank up to this point. If we don't mention you we are sorry and very thankful .  These bloggers and many more have featured us to show off their new purchase and we are more than grateful for them getting the word out.  Check them out and if you have a blog we don't know about let us know! Email us at:



    I'm sure you have seen Linda's room...if you haven't and love the white click here!



    Small craft room?  Cheryl will show you how to best use it and with our EZ view desk and Helen Desk.  Click here for more.



    Craft Critique was kind enough to feature us as a sponsored post on their site.  Yvonne one our crafters had her room featured in this blog, check it out.



    Brandy was running into trouble with so little room for her kid crafting supplies and take a look what she did.



    An older customer from a couple years ago, Natty, reviewed our product and gave a fun little assembly video of her and her husband putting it together.  They were so fast they managed it in a little over a minute. ;) Click here for review.


    Amanda shares "her ugly confession" and how The Original Scrapbox has helped her organize her life.  She has multiple posts on her blog with her assembly and shipping experience and how she organized her totes and some tips she used. Click for her blog.

    Shelves-and-Bins-for-Craft-Supplies-Organization-Tips-Serenity Now blog

    If you have featured us on your blog and feel left out please contact us immediately and we will give you a shout out of thanks!  Also if you don't have a blog and want to show off your WorkBox or craft room email us pictures and anything you want to share at:


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  • Birthday Surprise!

    Q: How do you surprise kids/ grandkids with presents?


    With electronics? With Candy? Or...

    Do you want to let them try something new?

    Something Creative...

    This Kids Desk gives your kids all they need to create their own movies and they will love it, if you don't believe us take a look at this video sent to us by a customer, Cheryl Blogger of SewCanDo.

    "Wow mom, this is awesome - I'm amazed!"

    PS: If you have fun videos and pictures of any Original Scrapbox product, please share via email and we will feature them in our blog!!


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  • CraftBox Seekers

    What do you have room for?

    Is your room too small or do you already have a workbox and still want more space for your things?



    This is your Chance to get a great deal on the Knotty Alder!

    If this isn't your cup of tea we still have 15% off of all the other CraftBoxes.


    Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous features this in her craft room alongside a WorkBox.  We want to help you get to this point in your craft room.  We want to help you achieve your dream craft room!  Hopefully this sale can give you a good start.

    Dream Craft Room?

    If you have a Dream Craft Room that you would like to share with us please send your pictures to:


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  • Salt Lake City Show

    The Original Scrapbook USA Expo in Sandy, UT1912376_10152101561752955_324232469_o

    *** Come and see our products in the flesh! ***


    We're thrilled there was SO much interest in our "12 ticket giveaway" on Facebook yesterday! 

    Our 12 Winners for Free Tickets are:

    • Rayna Rogerson- Sandy
    • Melanie R Lloyd- Bountiful
    • Rita Kent Hellewell- Syracuse
    • Jaime Holyoak Beckstead- Herriman
    • Chyann Clawson Kindschy- Orem
    • Becky Petersen- Utah County
    • Lindsay Griffiths- Highland
    • Ember Ehlers Britton- Salt Lake City
    • Melissa Jacobson Stevens- West Jordan
    • Marisol Ojeda- Kearns
    • Leticia Haro Mendez- Layton
    • Donette M Robertson- Springville

    *Pick up your ticket on your way in, just simply give your name with ID at the front desk.

    Didn't Win... Why should you come?

    Win a Free Jack and Jill Desk!

    All you have to do is show up, and like us on Facebook, join our emailing list, or refer a friend on Facebook in front of us at the booth and you can enter for a chance to win this desk your kids will be sure to enjoy!

    Other Give-Aways...

    -3 Scrap-Ma-Bobs

    -5 Ribbon Boxes

    Still wondering why you should come?

    Maybe you don't like free gifts? Or maybe you already have one of our awesome accessories?
    You can always become someone's favorite person and re-gift it, we won't stop you!

    So if that's not enough: Come to the show this weekend in SLC and get these amazing offers:

    >>> BIG Discounts <<<

    • 15% off the WorkBoxes with the exception of the Ergo WorkBox
    • 10% off all other products!!!

    When & Where

    South Town Expo Center                                    Fri. March 28th and Sat. March 29th
    9575 S. State Street                                            Doors Open at 10a.m.
    Sandy, UT 84070

    Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

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  • New Ergo Workbox!

    The Ergonomics (Ergo) Workbox

    Ergonomics: (used with a pl. verb) Design factors, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort.

    WB Ergo

    Why the plain box?

    Reason 1: Since our UK launch surprisingly there were not only requests, but it was a huge hit!  We figured maybe we should give America to catch up to European style with this box

    Reason 2: I want a WorkBox for the functionality and don't care what the outside looks like because it will always be open!

    Reason 3: I want a WorkBox for cheaper!

    Stronger Handles!

    We understand that it may be hard for some to open the big WorkBox with the tiny knobs it comes with, so we are experimenting with handles.  Let us know what you think in the usual spot:





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  • Teresa Collins eBosser (Limited Time Offer)

    We have a special offer for 5 days ONLY (March 21-25, 2014).

    ** With EVERY WorkBox ordered (includes NEW Ergo Limited Edition WorkBox $1295) we will give away a brand new Teresa Collins embosser from Craftwell! **

    Get this Teresa Collings eBosser (a $250 value) FREE with your purchase of a WorkBox before midnight March 25, 2014!

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  • Happy St. Patricks Day!

    st patties logo

    Luck of the Crafter!

    Just plain LUCK

    I have found that whenever I'm creating something new, my best work is sometimes the stuff that I do quickly and it just somehow turns out.  For example I was painting a landscape and was trying out water color paints and a drop fell from my brush and landed in the white space.  I panicked, but it looked like a bird so I just went with it by adding a beak and feet and called it good.  The best part is that little "mess up" ended up making the whole painting.

    Hard Earned Luck

    St. Patties


    What kind of LUCK do you believe in?

    send us your version of Luck while creating something and we will feature it on our blog!


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  • Black or White?

      A Black or White Craft Room?

    We have been getting great pictures of our customer's Dream Craft Rooms and we want to pose the question; Which Color would you choose for your Dream Craft Room?

    Our Black Dream Craft Room...


     Don't let us stop you...Customize!


     Our White Craft Rooms...



    A Dream Craft Room Doesn't need to be big...



    Black or White?  Make your Choice.  Or try something new...

    Share with us your pictures of Your Dream Craft Room.  We want to see what you are up to and  we love featuring friends of ours who love our products as much as we do!

    You can email them to:


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  • Time to Get Into Gear

    We are WELL into the New Year! And 2014 is going to be the year for ORGANIZATION!

    Are you ready?

    To assist in this endeavour we have a few special things for you.

    First of all, the CraftBox.

    We are phasing out the CraftBox model. 

    So, if you have been dying to get your hands on one of these beautifully designed armoires - now is your chance!!!

    Click the image below, to instantly get 20% off your order of a CraftBox this weekend and until Tuesday next week (January 28, 2014).

    This is while stocks last!




    PLUS we also have something else up our sleeve to help you get more organized in 2014!!!

    We have something NEW and FUN as a free gift with your WorkBox purchase!

    Enter the All Purpose, Pull Down Table!


      The Limited Edition All Purpose, Pull Down Table

    And here are just a few things this STUNNING gift does:

    • *** Stylish Chalkboard that Easily Folds Down into a Convenient Workspace that is Perfect for Scrapbooking, Crafting, Sewing, Paying Bills, Homework and So Much More!
    • *** Includes Chalkboard, Chalk, Eraser, Storage Compartments, and Hanging Hardware
    • *** Customize Frame by Replacing Chalkboard with Photos, Artwork, and More
    • *** The framed chalkboard dimensions are 23.5 x 6 x 30
    • *** The open workspace dimensions are 23.5 x 34 x 59
    • *** Customize Frame by Replacing Chalkboard with Photos, Artwork and More

    Valued at $200 this little beauty can be yours FREE with your purchase of a WorkBox  (before January 28, 2014).


    Just click the image below, choose your style of WorkBox and then proceed to checkout where you will see your special gift already waiting for you in your shipping cart!

    Order now...



    PS: Of course shipping is FREE on our website!


    PPS: For our customers and friends in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, please call Morag on (801) 226-2686 for a shipping quote before we can take your order.



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  • Another year for Fan Spotlighting



    This week our lucky lady is:

    Patricia La Pat

    Congratulations Patricia, please send an email to scrapboxusa(at)gmail(dot)com  ASAP & we will ship your gift!

    Thank you for commenting & participating in our last "Question of the Week."

    If you would like to stand a change to be next week's FAN FRIDAY winner, leave a comment below answering...

    QUESTION of the Week:

    What makes you happy?

    Let us know in the comments below!

    PS: Before you go...

    For those of you dying to get your hands on your own RibbonBox or ScrapMaBob, you can purchase one on our website at any time. Just click here!


    PS: Please don't forget to join our {VIP Email List} below for news, deals and secret offers only for VIP fans!

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