Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach customer service?

Feel free to call our office at (801) 226-2686 or email us at customerservice@theoriginalscrapbox.com
Our phone line is opened Monday through Friday from 10am - 4pm MST
Visit our show room! 
777 South Auto Mall Drive #113
American Fork, Utah 84003

I saw a video on Facebook of The WorkBox 2.0, how much is it?

Our WorkBox 2.0 comes in a variety of designs. For a product description click here. For a complete list of prices see the chart below: 

 What kind of wood do we use in making our furniture?

All of our furniture is made of compressed chipboard with a hard melamine finish.  Using this material is very important to prevent warping and any changes in the size of the panels.  For the many shelves we use, the main structure needs to be exact to secure a tight fit.  Humid weather and other weather changes won't affect the shape of our furniture.  The melamine finish is very each to clean with Windex and a soft cloth.

Our Knotty Alder furniture does come with solid wood doors, and for the crown, solid wood molding. 

How much is shipping for The WorkBox 2.0?  

Depending on the state we ship to, this price will range from $175-$300 per pallet. Hawaii and Alaska are around $500-$650 and we can't guarantee damages once the pallet leaves the mainland.  Canadian customers can now order online, but shipping is also expensive due to customs.


The WorkBox 2.0 says it is sold out, when will you have more in stock?

We have a limited amount of inventory for The WorkBox 2.0 coming in February! If you would like to be part of an exclusive list to be notified a day in advance of when exactly we update our inventory, please enter your e-mail address into the product's page. Stay connected with us through Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter to access our latest updates! We intend to have pre-sales for our next shipments in the near future. 

I live outside of the United States, can I still purchase your furniture?

Currently, our products from our Utah warehouse only ship in the US and Canada. If you live in the UK please visit www.theoriginalscrapbox.co.uk to see what our partners have available in your area! We also have partners in Australia.  Their website is www.theoriginalscrapbox.com.au  Want to request a WorkBox to be available in your country? E-mail customerservice@theoriginalscrapbox.com with the name of your country in the subject line!

Do you have plans to expand to other countries?

We are always looking for distributors.  If you or someone you know has information on possible distribution outlets, please send an e-mail to customerservice@theoriginalscrapbox.com with the subject line: DISTRIBUTOR

I just placed an order, how long will it take to receive my shipment?

After you place an order, our warehouse can take up to 5 business days to process your order. If you purchased a WorkBox Pre-order, your shipment will be in the order it was taken and availability of the product ordered.  Your shipments will then take up to 10-14 business days to be delivered. For freight shipments, the carrier should call you a day in advance to set up a time with you to accept your shipment. For more information about shipping and delivery click here

My shipment was damaged, what should I do?

If your furniture has damages, please take as many pictures as you can and e-mail them to customerservice@theoriginalscrapbox.com immediately with the subject line: DAMAGES and a description of the damaged boxes or pieces. We work very hard in our warehouse to avoid damages by doing a double check of our inventory before it leaves our warehouse, building custom pallets, and offering a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all of our products.

There are missing parts to my furniture, how do I get new parts?

If you have missing pieces please call our office (801) 226-2686. We would advise you to also e-mail your requests to customerservice@theoriginalscrapbox.com before calling our office so we can guarantee we have your request in writing. Please write in the subject line: MISSING PIECES

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes!  We offer a 10% Military discount.  Just call customer service for more information:  801-226-2686
We also offer up to 10% off when you purchase our furniture from an expo. For a full list of shows we are planning to attend visit our show list page here: http://www.theoriginalscrapbox.com/pages/list-of-shows

We also host promotions on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalScrapbox/

Do you work with bloggers?

Yes! We love working with bloggers.
If you are interested in doing a product review, or have suggestions of a blogger you would like to see review our products, please reach out to the following employees in our marketing department for details: Keith@theoriginalscrapbox.com or Katrina@theoriginalscrapbox.com

Who can I contact for public relations?

If you are interested to feature our furniture through a particular marketing outlet, please reach out to the following employees in our marketing department for details: 
Keith@theoriginalscrapbox.com or Katrina@theoriginalscrapbox.com

Updated: December 8th, 2015