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Current projected product shipment availability: Early November

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Our company has seen a recent demand for The WorkBox 2.0. Thank you! As we continue to work hard to maintain the integrity of our products, we invite our customers to place $250 down on all designs of the WorkBox 2.0. We appreciate your business.

Pre-Order Information:

  • Pay $250 now to secure your purchase and be placed in line for the WorkBox 2.0!
  • We will send a final e-mail notice for The WorkBox 2.0 once it is ready for delivery
    • Final e-mail will be sent to you with link for final payment.  Please double check shipping address and phone number for shipping company to reach you.
    • Please note the above projected product shipment availability
  • $250 pre-order payment will go towards your purchase of The WorkBox 2.0
    • Final e-mail will take into account your pre-order payment
    • See below for more information
  • Finalized Payment = Pre-Order Payment + Remaining Total of The WorkBox 2.0 + Shipping
    • Shipping Ranges:
    • $225-380 in the continental United States
    • $500-600 for Canada
    • $550-650 for Alaska and Hawaii
  • We are happy to assist any of our customers who have questions about their order
  • If you are interested in adding accessories, make a new order and include the order number of your WorkBox with a request for them to shipped together.
  • Shipments will be fulfilled in the order they are received.
  • Changing The WorkBox 2.0 finish, tote color, or your decision to add/remove the crown after purchasing may cause delays in shipping your WorkBox 2.0.  

For information on pricing see the chart below:

The Workbox 2.0 is our "Queen" of craft storage!

Included Features:

  • 3 drawers with silver labels.
  • 74 sturdy fabric totes included, either black or gray - see chart below for sizes
  • All vertical adjustable shelving
  • Easily movable on 10 caster wheels (Works best on hard flooring)
  • Fold out table - measurements in chart below
  • Additional storage shelving under fold out table included
  • Right felt Velcro door for 10 clear zipper totes
  • 3 additional clear zipper totes for left-swing door
  • Panels for white magnetic boards for die cut storage
  • Optional: Crown for a discounted price when bought as a package

    New left-swing door storage system:

    • 7 shelves with acrylic dividers for easy organization
    • 3 zipper totes on felt velcro square
    • 6 large hooks for tools and scissors
    • 3 pockets for pens, markers, etc.

    Optional Add-Ons for The WorkBox 2.0:

    If you plan to purchase a Knotty Alder MiniBox with your Knotty Alder WorkBox, please let us know so we can match the wood as much as possible.  Also, please be aware because of the nature of Knotty Alder wood, there may be some large knots in your doors.

    Available to US and CAN customers only...

    Our CHOCOLATE KNOTTY ALDER WorkBox is here! With all the same features of our other designs, enjoy our newest finish in 3 years! Limited quantity available for pre-order! 

    Our beautifully stained Chocolate Knotty Alder special edition features:

    • New! Chocolate Knotty Alder Made in the USA!
    • New! Chocolate Knotty Alder crown to match!
    • New! Improved design chosen by our customers
    • New! All white interior to see your supplies!
    • New! Beautiful silver hardware included
    • All previous features of The WorkBox 2.0 listed above!

    May take 5-10 hours to build with two people, depending on experience with building. (Picture and word instructions provided. We highly recommend using the provided link for the instruction video to help build your WorkBox.)

    On all CANCELLATIONS for the WorkBox 2.0 there will be a $25 charge. This covers the bank and processing fees.

    See FAQ on our homepage for info about materials used in making our WorkBoxes.

    Video (Created 2015)



    UPDATED: October 21st, 2016 

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