1. The MiniBox The MiniBox

    The MiniBox

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    The MiniBox

    is the perfect individual hobby center! The patented bi-fold door system unfolds to create an amazing 9 feet of organized storage space. Arrange the doors around you in a U shape (it'll be 5.5 feet across) & all of your stuff will be right at your fingertips.

    Read more about the MiniBox here & check out these cool pictures submitted by our customers!

    Got questions? Read the FAQ or read some customer reviews & testimonials! If you still have questions, please call or email us!

    Important: All units ship un-assembled & include easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

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  2. The SewingBox The SewingBox

    The SewingBox

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    The SewingBox™ is the perfect storage solution for all your sewing supplies and projects & it's a fabulous workstation & sewing table for those who love to sew and quilt.

    On the outside it looks like an innocent piece of elegant furniture and then unfolds and transforms to a marvelous sewing station. The SewingBox™ has a fold out table on the right, a sliding table in the middle to hold your sewing machine and projects and a drop down back.

    There are four (4) shelves for storage, three (3) shelves & totes for additional storage and a bobbin holder.

    The SewingBox™ comes fully assembled & includes three 12x12 canvas totes.

    For more info & details on the SewingBox, check out the product descriptions & product dimensions & click here to see some customer pictures!

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  3. Jack and Jill Desk Jack and Jill Desk
    $349.00 Free Shipping

    Jack and Jill Desk

    Jack and Jill Desk with LED Light System.

    The ‘WORK AND PLAY’ DESK is a hands on Activity and Work Center ideal for both boys and girls. Sized just right with open plan storage, everything is where they can see it and within easy reach for little hands. This organized approach will declutter playtime, keep a child absorbed and help creativity to flow. Add to this a built in lightbox and tracing feature with a remote control just for fun and your child will be able to light up works of art in every color. The EZVIEW Desk can also grow with children over time, transforming easily from little painter to model aircraft engineer or jewelry designer. Ideal for homework and homeschoolers too.

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  4. EZ View Desk EZ View Desk

    EZ View Desk

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    Desk comes in two color options, black or white. Choose either black or grey totes for your base.

    1) TOTES: Shelf and drawer tote system with 4 black or grey 12 X 12 canvas drawer totes and 4.5 X 12 black or grey canvas drawer totes and 5 zippered Velcro mounted totes.

    2) SHELF/DRAWER: Inside drawer with dividers and adjustable shelf with 5 zippered Velcro mounted totes.

    Do you prefer to stand while you work? Add a set of extension drawers and your desk will be raised 7 inches for an additional $100.

    Assembly Required.

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  5. Helen Sewing Desk Helen Sewing Desk

    Regular Price: $545.00

    Special Price: $299.00

    Helen Sewing Desk

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    The answer for every modern sewer on the go. Multifunctional for all your craft projects, our new EZVIEW Sewing Desk will also store your sewing machine and ribbon box too. It displays all your sewing notions where you can see and reach them. We can even LIGHT them up for you. Not only that, we will give you options to customize extra storage yourself! So forget the old fashioned mess, instead sew beautifully on the new Helen Sewing Desk.

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  6. The WorkBox

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    Shipping takes 14 business days once we ship your order!

    Think that the 'Transformers' are only for kids? Then you've never seen The WorkBox!

    It will optimize prime real estate in your home. You may not save the world with it, but you will save time, money, space and your sanity!!!

    Your time is precious and it should be spent creating, not searching for your tools and supplies.

    Read more about the WorkBox here & check out more pictures from our customers!

    Important: All units ship un-assembled & include easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

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  7. Stainless Steel WorkBox

    Stainless Steel WorkBox

    Not suggested for use as an actual bunker, but it fits the amount of storage you would hope to fit in a bunker. The Steel Bunker Box comes standard with a stainless steel work top that gives you the sturdy and stainless work place you know and love.


    • Tri-fold system to maximize storage
    • Black powder coated metal
    • colored bins
    • shelves
    • Stainless steel work desk
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  8. Metal WorkBox

    Metal WorkBox

    The Black-Ops Box is like the special forces among storage units.  At first glance it is no more than a regular storage unit, but when used properly combats messy garages, is mobile to never be caught in the same spot, but when necessary can be an immovable force that no mess can get by.

    • Bi-fold system to maximize storage
    • Over 70 options for storage (customizable to your needs)
    • Black powder coated metal
    • Stainless steel outside panels 
    • Stainless steel work desk
    • Hole for a power outlet
    • Locking system
    • Wall stability mount
    • 6 Shelves
    • 3 tool drawers/ shelf
    • Peg board system
    • Storage bin system
    • 42 Small storage bins
    • 5 small, long bins
    • 3 large bins
    • 2 extra large bins
    • 10 heavy duty wheels (2 locking)

    *Assembly Required 

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  9. Teresa Collins StudioBox Teresa Collins StudioBox

    Teresa Collins StudioBox

    3 Review(s)

    Do you struggle with storage space? Do you spend more time searching than crafting?  If you said yes to either of these then the Teresa Collins Studio Box is perfect for you.  Not only will it save you storage space, but will put everthing you craft with right at hand.  After you are done with it you simply close it all up and it is disguised as beautiful furniture with Teresa Collin's touch. 

    • 4 frames on studio door (place any picture you would like in it)
    • 6 acrylic drawers
    • water Fall Shelving with 22 slots (30-60 papers per slot)
    • 10 totes
    • 8 notions totes
    • 4 built in pockets for pens
    • velcro board
    • 7 zippered velcro totes
    • 2 holes for electrical cords
    • hooks for hanging
    • 8 shelves on door
    • below table storage
    • work table

    *Asssembly Required

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