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Pull out the boxes and bags from your closets. Gather the piles from your tables and counters. Arrange it all into your perfectly sized canvas drawer totes and onto our 86 adjustable shelves.

You'll be amazed by how much stuff you can fit in The WorkBox. Before you know it, your room will be transformed from chaos and clutter to pristine and productivity.

Experience the artistic freedom that can only come from having all of your tools organized, visible and within arm's reach.

You can even transform your artistic social life. Put the supplies that you like to take with you in the zippered Velcro pouches. Then on your way out the door, pull the pouches off the Velcro wall and you're ready to go. Sturdy caster wheels allow you to move your workspace to wherever you need it.

Assembly Required.

*Limited Edition Ergo Workbox:

Styled and designed with European simplicity and function on the outside, it comes with all our same interior features as our other Workboxes AND at an unbeatable price of $1395!  We only have a limited stock so hurry!  




Closed, the WorkBox is just 3 feet wide. Opened, the patented bi-fold door system reveals an amazing 9 feet of organized storage space & the sturdy fold out desk inside provides 6 square feet of work space.

Position the doors around you in a U-shape (it'll be 5.5 feet across) and all of your stuff will be right at your fingertips.

Your supplies are visible through the transparent zippered pouches and see-through drawer fronts.... And that means no more wasting money buying things you already own but can't find!!!

Full WorkBox Dimensions:

CLOSED: When the WorkBox is closed it measures...

Inches: 36" wide x 31" deep x 72" high

Feet: 3 feet wide x 2.58 feet deep x 6 feet high

OPENED: When fully opened, the WorkBox measures...

Inches: 108" wide x 18" deep x 72" high

Feet: 9 feet wide x 1.5 feet deep x 6 feet high

Table Top: The pull out table when out, measures... 

Inches: 36" wide x 24" D

Feet: 3 feet wide x 2 feed deep

Included Canvas Totes:

TWO (2): 6" width x 12" length x 12" high

SIXTEEN (16): 12.25" width x 12.25" length x 3" high

TEN (10): 12.25" width x 12.25" length x 5.5" high

TWENTY-SIX (26): 2 3" width x 12" length x 3" high

TWENTY (20): 5.5" width x 12" length x 4.5" high


Total: 74

Included Clear Zipper Pouch Sizes:

TWO (2):13" x 13" large pouches

SIX (6): 13" x 6" medium pouches

TWELVE (12): 6" x 6" small pouches


Total: 20


Customer Reviews

40 Reviews "The WorkBox"

Love My WorkBox!
Tammy October 19, 2014
I have had my Workbox for awhile now. I love it. I did alter it some. My husband and I put shovels in the right side doors!! I love it! Holds a ton of paint and sprays. You can configure the shelves and totes that come with it to fit your supply needs. This cabinet holds a LOT of stuff!! It is well worth the cost of the product!! I also bought the MiniBox and a Paper Tower. As far as putting them together, it does take two people. But my husband and I put all three of these products together with no problem. I was missing a few of the totes but I called the company and they sent them to me pretty quick. I wish I had more room for the desk!
Love Love Love!
jeannie October 18, 2014
I have had it about 3 years now and since that time using mine has talked both my sisters into one :)
Can't imagine my life without it!
Nancy Sabiston October 18, 2014
This is the best investment I have ever made! I put countless tubs of crafts into the beast and then put some more. It was easy to assemble, just took some time. A person to assist speeds it along. It moves with ease and opens like butter. The customizable features are boundless to suit your needs. Buy it, you won't regret it!
LOVE my Workbox
Binkiemama October 18, 2014
I've had my Workbox for several years and I absolutely love it. I love that I can reconfigure it to my needs as I change my crafting interests/style/space. It is easy to stay organized which saves time & money and in turn makes crafting more enjoyable!
My Craft Haven
Luvz2scrapbook October 17, 2014
I got my Workbox as a Christmas present last year from my hubby. I don't have a lot of room at my home but I managed to secure a small piece of real estate between my family room and dining room where my Workbox now resides. I love how I can customize the shelves to accommodate my needs, I even added some decorative shelf liners to the front of my bins (I saw this at the scrapbook expo) and added vinyl to the doors to make the Workbox my personalized Craft Haven. I highly recommend this product not only for its overall great functionality. By the way, customer service is exceptional too!
Holds alot and keeps me organized
craftEcowgirl October 17, 2014
I love my workbox! It holds so much and keeps me organized.

I must say I had a few things I was not happy about while assembling. First off the instructions are missing info/details, and it didnt include the assembly DVD. We had to drill our own holes 5 places as holes didnt line up for the bracket holes. Also we had two bad nuts, and it only came with one extra nut. It was not an easy assembly and wish the company shipped the piece partially assembled with just three pieces to assemble.
Love my Workbox!
skertso October 17, 2014
I purchased my workbox last year and absolutely love it! 95% of all my crafting materials are at my fingertips now and I don't have to go far to find the rest anymore. Scrapbooking is organized and fun now thanks to the Original Scrapbox Workbox!
So Glad I have a Workbox
rubyc October 17, 2014
I love how I can just see everything and its within my reach. my only problem is I can't keep the shelves in the same spot for too long so I have broken so many of the little plastic holders.
Best Gift Ever!
Jeannine September 13, 2014
I received my Workbox as a gift and it is the best present I ever got! I love it so much. It allows me to scrapbook whenever I want, whether I have a half hour or 5 hours to scrap. Everything is right at my fingertips. I don't waste time looking for my supplies anymore. It is so well made and the directions to put it together were easy to follow. LOVE IT!
Kristyn September 12, 2014
I was amazed at how much it holds, I didn't think there was anyway to fit all of my "stuff" into it, but it all did...until I started selling Close to My Heart at least. The only things I can't fit in it are my stamp towers and hundreds of stamp sets, but I still give my Workbox 5 stars because it's fabulous and does everything it claims. Assembly was a bear, but my husband and I knocked it out in 8 hours. It's worth it.
Workbox Heaven
Barb MacAskill September 12, 2014
I purchased my Workbox 2 years ago and am so glad that I made the decision to own this amazing piece of furniture. First off, it is a beautiful and well made product. Secondly, it is functional! I am able to store my craft supplies in it and know that nothing is going to get mushed or wrinkled because there is so much room in each bin/compartment.
There are 4 different size fabric bins to fit into the compartments and you get them with you Workbox at no additional cost! They are durable and easy to take out and place on your workspace if that is what you choose to do. You can put anything from scissors, embellishments, papers, trims, beads or ANYTHING you choose into each bin of happiness!
They have utilized every inch of space in this amazing organizer by having bags with Velcro on them that you hang on the inside of the doors. You can also add magnet material to the outside of the doors to hang your steel dies and that will free up even more space in your craft area for other goodies to reside.
On the back of the Workbox there is a hole for electrical cords to go through for your Cameo or other cutting machine. The work table folds down to cover even MORE shelves when you need to close up this Big Boy!
One of the things that I like the most about the Workbox is that YOU decide how you want to set up the shelves. If you want to make them all short you can or tall works also! You can also close it right up and lock it so your crafting goodies are out of sight if you want to.
I highly recommend this product for ANY crafter. Whether you have a room or just a small space to create in the Workbox is a great organizational tool so that you can spend your time actually creating instead of hunting for your supplies! Hope one of these is in YOUR near future so you can see what I mean!!
Organization Heaven!
Danielle September 12, 2014
I've had my Work Box for a little over 3 years now and it's been the perfect product for my small space. Everything is in one place and the work top is great to be built in and easily folds down for storage.

So many compartments for so many products and tools for my scrapbooking and crafting that I STILL haven't completely filled it up. To have all the items I need at my fingertips is the ideal way to be creative. Thank you for an amazing product! So glad I saved up and took the plunge and ordered!
SIMPLY AMAZING - Couldn't be more thrilled!
Patsy Ann June 17, 2014
After drooling over the magazine ads for a couple years I finally talked myself into taking the plunge - I called to order shortly before Thanksgiving. The sweetie at the Scrapbox mentioned I might want to hold off ordering until the Black Friday deals - and boy was I glad I did! I was also able to get the E-Z View Desk for free! I thought it was such an AWESOME deal I ended up ordering TWO!!! I have been ever in heaven since with "most" of my hoard organized!!! It also helped me in my Christmas shopping as I gave one of the E-Z View desks to my sister for Christmas (BONUS) - she is an avid scrapbooker and loves it!
I can't say enough good things about this Workbox unit - you can pack soooo much into it in an organized fashion - takes me fractions of the time it did before to find what I am after! The staff is also SUPER DUPER friendly to work with!
Having my hands in a little of everything (doll making, bear making, painting, antique trim collecting/selling, paper crafting, ribbon making, etc. etc) I have HOARDs and I mean HOARDS of supplies. These two boxes have minamized my hoard into an organized collection!
I can honestly say I am SOOOOO pleased I fully intend when the next great deal comes along to purchase at least one more - maybe two - :) Then I can have each dedicated to a specific art and its supplies all in one area! AWESOME!
THANKS so much! Truly pleased!!!!
My wife is no longer a scrapbooking hoarder
Nobody April 6, 2014
After I put this together in about 6 - 7 Hours, my wife had all her scrapbooking supplies organized in two days. I have my house, tables and sanity back. I would give this product a full 5 stars. I was slow putting it together, but it was easy to follow.
Finally, my perfect solution!
JackiFl April 4, 2014
I've always dreamed about a Workbox, never seen one in person before it arrives via FedEx freight about two weeks ago.

FINALLY, all of my supplies are in one spot - and I've become productive! Every day, I sit at my Workbox and create... most days I make a three card set to sell at local craft fairs. Other days, I'll work on my scrapbook layouts (I'm only about twenty years behind on getting all of my memories into scrapbooks).

No more excuses, no more searching for the papers and embellishments that I bought and cannot find. I'm organized, productive and OH SO HAPPY with my decision to buy the Workbox!

I've tried many solutions - from renting office space down the street from my house to taking over the two guest bedrooms in our home. THIS WORKS!

Family harmony restored since my DH no longer complains about my "craft crap" taking over the house. My grandkids love that they have their own fabric drawers for their crayons, markers and stickers.

I've ordered additional fabric drawers, but it does come with PLENTY!

Thank you!

My only suggestions? One: Edd a permanent power strip along the inside compartment (where I store my Cricut). It would be the perfect place for one (I'm using a power strip there now) since I definitely needed task lighting plus a place to plug in my cell phone charger and portable DVD player.
Two: offer assembly for a fee. My husband is the king of furniture assembly and although it only took him about three hours and fifteen minutes from opening the boxes to wheeling my completed Workbox into the house, I'm guessing it may take longer for others.
Love my workbox
Tricia March 6, 2014
I received my workbox in January 2014. I absolutely love it. I had been looking at it for over a year, and wanted one badly but like so many others kept pondering should I spend this much money. Once I got it put together and filled it the answer is yes yes yes. It is such a time saver and all my crafting supplies were everywhere and took so much time to get out and organized that I had quit doing it. Now its all right in one place and even if I only have 15-30 minutes it is not spent on pulling everything out. It literally only takes a minute or 2 to open the workbox set the desk up and your ready to go all the supplies are at your fingertips..I absolutely love, love, love my workbox. It is worth every penny.
Best purchase ever
MelindaB March 5, 2014
Before reviewing my incredible workbox, let me give huge kudos to the customer service team who gave me advice to wait until Black Friday before ordering two weeks prior. Not only did I get my workbox, but a free ez - view desk as well!
Both products have exceeded my expectations. The workbox has allowed me to scrap til my hearts content without the worry or hassle of packing up all those storage totes I previously used.
The desk is incredible, sturdy and holds all of my other craft projects!
My only regret? Not ordering it 4 years ago when I first discovered the website! Well worth the investment.
Love it!
Grammayo February 27, 2014
I bought this over 4 years ago to replace the multitude of plastic storage containers that held my crafting menagerie and have never looked back! It is amazing and has so many storage options!
Please come out with more products!
Tracy Hagmann February 21, 2014
I have the work box. I saw it in a catalog several years ago and said (and have said on these posts) whoever designed this is freakin brilliant!! I'm an organization type A detail orientated person and couldn't have created a better product myself. Trust me if I could, I would. I'm always redoing and reworking, my work is never done!! When I bought my house, my parents agreed to pay half because I had to have this product I kept talking about for my zebra room (scrap, craft, read and work room). I even had to change the color scheme and furniture because the wood colors weren't a match so black it was. Other than me putting it together by myself, I have never been happier and all of my craft friends are jealous!! I have had it 3 years and love it . Again brilliant and I never say that because I always think , hey this could be done...I love the new web site. Easy to use and find what you need and user friendly. Please come out with more products! You guys are great
Amazing product
Michelle February 20, 2014
I absolutely love my Workbox. I bought it in 2010 and it's a solid piece of furniture that looks as fabulous now as it did 4 years ago. It really is worth the investment as it's given us back a bedroom in our house! Prior to purchase my craft stash was pretty much filling up two wardrobes and a desk in our smallest bedroom but now the Workbox sits in my daughters playroom and is used by both her and me! It's mainly full of my craft items; scrapbooking,cardmaking and sewing but I was surprised by how much the Workbox holds and infact still had space for some of daughters craft stuff too. Now we both have somewhere to work without having to take up space in the dining table. The best part about it is I no longer have to worry about leaving projects half-done on the dining table as it can be left out on the workbox desk ready for when I can get back to it. I also love that everything is within easy reach and that it's so clearly organised. It's a fantastic piece of furniture designed to last many years.
By the way, expect a lot of boxes when it gets delivered and it took my husband a day to build it and put it together but the instructions were clear and easy to follow apparantly!
I would absolutely recommend this item to everybody.
this is the right scrap box.
sheree January 6, 2014
I saw the scrap box and new that I needed that for all my stuff. Its was even better when i got it. It has so much space and so easy to see what you have.If you need a place for everything and is a beautiful piece of furniture?
this is it.
Michelle Gomez December 6, 2013
A place for everything and everything in its place. I love my workbox! I have a serious crafting addiction which had taken over a part of our small home. I have a cricut expression 2, a cuttlebug, stamps, copics, ribbon, etc etc. I am a 12 x 12 scrapbooker, a card maker and make an assortment of other crafts. I was working on a 6 foot table with lots of plastic and other such storage bins… the workbox came to my rescue!
I am overjoyed at how organized everything is! When I want to work with my distress inks, I pull out the drawer and all the tools and ink is in the same place. When I want twine or jute, I pull out the drawer and I can see all the colors I own. My cricut expression 2 is finally off the dining room table! I can readily find whatever I am looking for and the best part is, when company comes over I close it up and my house looks clean.
The product is made well and sturdy. Delivery was super fast! My husband put it together in 4 ½ hours. It took me about an 1 ½ to put the shelves in and all of the bins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! If you are contemplating buying one…. GET IT! It’s worth every cent!
Finally, a home for everything!
Michelle Gomez November 15, 2013
A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I love my workbox! If I could sleep with it instead of my husband, I would. I have a serious crafting addiction which had taken over a part of our small home. I have a cricut expression 2, a cuttlebug, stamps, copics, ribbon, etc etc. I was working on a 6 foot table with lots of plastic and other such storage bins… the workbox came to my rescue!
I am overjoyed at how organized everything is! When I want to work with my distress inks, I pull out the drawer and all the tools and ink is in the same place. When I want twine or jute, I pull out the drawer and I can see all the colors I own. My cricut expression 2 is finally off the dining room table! I can readily find whatever I am looking for and the best part is, when company comes over I close it up and my house looks clean.
The product is made well and sturdy. Delivery was super fast! My husband put it together in 4 ½ hours. It took me about an 1 ½ to put the shelves in and all of the bins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! If you are contemplating buying one…. GET IT! It’s worth every cent!
Best investment I ever made!
Terri September 11, 2013
I have had the scrapbox for 2-3 years and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. It makes my life far more efficient as I can actually spend time painting, making jewelry, crafting because I am spending literally 0 time looking for things! Every single thing has a 'home' and It makes my mind feel less cluttered as well. More room in the ol' brain for many many artistic endeavors!
Gina August 5, 2013
The work box is just...WOW! AMAZING! It was a real bear to put together, but worth the effort. One thing: I didn't realize just how HUGE it really was! Of course mine will be open most of the time, but what an attractive piece of furniture when it is closed! I give it two thumbs up!
Barbara MacAskill March 24, 2013 I purchased my Workbox in April 2012 after many long hours drooling over it.

I am an organization freak and this incredible product is a dream! At first I saw the price and thought "oh my!" but the more I researched this and other products I realized that the price was extremely reasonable.

I do not know of any other organization product that has so much going for it.

I have TONS of craft supplies and was going crazy trying to keep it accessible AND organized until I got my Workbox!!!!

Hubby put it together for me over the course of 4 nights and I was SO impatient for it to get done and start organizing. It comes with all the shelves, Velcro zipper pouches, bins and it has a TABLE built right in. Under the fold out table is MORE shelving! I found that I needed a couple extra shelves and called asking how much they were and I was told that they would not be able to sell me any BUT that they would send them out FREE OF CHARGE! I had them within a couple days.

I have so much stuff in my Workbox and when I need something I know exactly where it is because the front of the bins are clear and they have a little window for a label right on them! How cool is that?

If you are considering a storage system for your crafts or just about anything the Workbox is a definite must have! Another awesome thing about it is that it folds up so that it takes only 3' X 5' of space in your room AND it has a lock on the top of it so you can be assured that others won't get into it if you don't want them to. I am so glad I spent the money to get my Workbox and I know that it will be a piece of furniture tha is passed down for many generations to come!

Feel free to message me if you want more details on this incredible storage system. I am on Facebook and would welcome a chance to answer any questions that anyone has!
Function meets Style
Silvia D-l March 16, 2013 I live in a small Duplex in Miami. Suffice it to say space for a scraproom was not an option.

I began crafting a great deal when my son was born. Not only was it about documenting his life, but making things helped me deal with my extreme depression after giving birth. I used keep all of my crafting supplies under the bed in boxes and plastic bins. Whenever I wanted to make something I had to drag everything out of the bedroom take it to the living room and spread it all over the floor to work.

One day I stumbled upon The Original Scrapbox site, I drooled over the different boxes and wished. I showed my husband the ingenious idea on the screen and he never once hesitated when he said let's get that for you. I was in shock! I told him that it was too much money, we couldn't afford it and he told me I was worth it. (That and he was tired to seeing me lug everything around and have to be sprawled out on the floor)

We called the amazing customer service department and got a "scratch and dent" WorkBox that was cheaper. I worried about how it would look and if I should have paid full price but when it arrived it was gorgeous! It just had some holes that we needed to drill ourselves and that was that. It is the best investment I could have ever made!

I adore my Workbox and now I can craft whenever I want easily and I have never been more organized in my life. There is a place for EVERYTHING!

It is worth every penny of the price if it means you get to spend time doing something that brings you peace, joy and love. Thank you Original Scrapbox!!
Worth Every Penny!!
Scrappin' Jax March 13, 2013 I dared to ask my wonderful husband for a WorkBox for Christmas last year. Between working full-time nights as an RN; a Creative Memories business, buying scrap supplies off Facebook, picking up stamping, and my Cricut devotion (see: Obsession), my "hobby/business" had completely overrun our living room! Not to mention the fact that I have 3 dogs and 2 cats that love to chew on, walk on (leaving muddy footprints), shed on everything! We literally had a tiny footpath to walk through to get through the living room.

After getting the space cleared out to bring in the parts and pieces of the box we began to try to put it together, only to run into a few snags: namely some pre-drilled holes that didn't line up for brackets, and the groove that the back panel slid into not lining up with the groove for the back panel in the back of the shelf in the Center Box... we had to wait until business hours to speak with Errol, who promptly was in back and forth conversations with us to correct the problem. Once that was resolved, it went together very easily. I then went to work putting in the shelves, then the totes... but even after getting all that together I continued to realize that I had a HUGE space issue.... as in no space in my single-wide trailer to maneuver...

In the end, we have rented an office space a block down the road from us and will be moving my business operations down there so we have room to spread out, have friends over to crop, and I have space to create. The WorkBox is coming with me, of course!!! (My poor husband nearly croaked when he heard me say, "Yes, that wall will be perfect for the WorkBox...") I am hoping that by the time I come back to work later this week (as an RN) that I will have my WorkBox moved and have started the organization process in the new space....

One of the biggest complaints I've heard is about the cost... Yes, the box is "expensive". So is any other piece of quality furniture. Yes, it is made of MDF and some particleboard. Honestly, I have seen these shelves under 5-6 inches of paper and cardstock and they are still as straight and true as the moment they came out of the box.

I have a dear friend and ardent Scrap Box fan who is also a Creative Memories consultant. She actually grabs her totes full of papers and Cricut Carts and packs them into her rolling tote, then travels to crops and retreats with those totes, and they look brand new!

If you want to get hung up on the cost, consider this: how much money did you HONESTLY spend on your scrap supplies?? Did you go to Stampin' UP!, Close to my Heart, Creative Memories, Michael's, Joann's, Hobby Lobby?? Have you gone to workshops, conventions, CKC?? If any of those answers was "yes", then my friend YOU have spent a LOT of money on your "hobby"... just as those who cook for a hobby spend a lot of money on quality cookware, or those who do gardening spend a lot of money on quality gardening supplies, or those who fish spend a great deal of money on quality fishing equipment... and we don't look down on them for doing that. We are in the job of preserving our families' heritage. We are in the process of saving and telling our children's stories, so that when THEY have children, they can show them "this is what I did when I was your age...." To me, you cannot put a price on that... To me, it is worth the investment to spend to store your supplies that you are using to preserve your Life Story... No one else will be holding the pen to write your story... if you are going to spend the money on quality supplies, then spend the money to store your supplies the right way....

WorkBoxes are not just for paper crafting. They can be used for a multitude of other crafts such as jewelry, beading, sewing, crochet, knitting, papercrafting, altered art, fly tying, just about anything you can think of that requires convenient, accessable storage. Save the money if you must, and make the investment to protect your hobby/craft/business investment... with a WorkBox!
Life Changer
Anna March 6, 2013 When I first found the site and the Workbox, I knew I had to have it. I have so much stitching materials and they were in filing cabinets, drawers, and lost to the house.

The day I received my Workbox, I saw the paper tower and suddenly realized I NEEDED that for my kits and patterns. I now have both and went from cross stitching a few minutes here and there to sitting and stitching for over 2 hours at a time.

The Workbox is the best investment I have made! Before I bought it, I remodeled my craft room (down to bare beams) and added everything from window treatments to new lighting.

My room is almost complete now and I can't imagine a better place to craft!

I love my Workbox!
Cyndy March 4, 2013 I bought my Workbox almost 7 years ago. I spent a long time shopping around for a solution to my storage needs.

I was looking at all types of cabinets, then I ran across the Workbox. I knew from the moment I was it that it was exactly what I needed. I love it.

The customer service is also first class. I had a problem with the bottom of my box and immediately received a replacement piece in the mail at no charge.

I would highly recommend this product.
Love my Workbox!
Debbie B March 4, 2013 I purchased a Workbox last year and it has changed the way I create. I'm not a good sleeper so I find myself getting up in the middle of the night. I am able to work in my craft room because all of my supplies are so organized! I love my Scrapbox and plan on adding to it soon. The paper tower is my next purchase....I'm a paper-holic:) Now I can find whatever I need in a flash....I use my supplies instead of storing them and forgetting about what I have, That means less spending on things that I already husband likes that :)
I want another!
Mandy March 4, 2013 I bought my Workbox last year and I quite honestly do not know how I managed without it.

I am not the most organized of people and some would even say that my Workbox isn't particularly all that organized, but I know where every single one of my crafty things are, down to the smallest scrap of paper, or even a particular marker pen/pencil crayon.
I am so bad at organizing I haven't even bothered to label my pull out drawers, even though they do have a place to put a label on every drawer. I find that because of the drawers' see-through fronts, I don't have to label, in fact there are so many drawers that even me with all of my stash couldn't fill them all when I first set it up. I am slowly working on that though :o)

My craft room, is only my craft room for part of the year, the rest of the time it is a guest room which houses family for around 6 weeks out of the year. Before I got my Workbox I used to have to tote all of my crafts downstairs into the basement and put everything away for the duration. Now I just close it up and wheel it into the back of the living room. I can't use it as well in there because we really don't have the room to open it up, but I can still get to my crafts if I want to and make "do" until I get my craft room back again. Before I couldn't get to the things when they were in the basement as we had to properly put them away into storage, not to mention all of the toting up and downstairs.

I don't regret at all spending hard earned cash on the Workbox, if anything at all were to happen to it I don't think I could cope until I had saved up for another.

Saving up at the moment for 2 paper towers, I have way too much paper and only keep some of it in my Workbox.
Best thing I ever bought
Lynneathecraftyone March 4, 2013 I have tons of jewelry making supplies. I came across the Workbox and immediately saw the potential to use for a jewelry making studio. It was my birthday/anniversary/Christmas/Valentine/Mothers day gift.

I got a scratch n dent thanks to all the help from the people in the office. It arrived and my husband and son put it together and I have filled it to the brim. I have recommended it to more than one of my crafty friends. I have never regretted buying this for myself..
Clutter Control!
Marti March 4, 2013 Since we moved I no longer have a room to devote to my scrapbooking collection. My hubby got me a Workbox for Christmas!!

I never wanted to spend so much money for something like this but OH HOW I WISH I HAD DONE IT SOONER!!!

My scrapbooking supplies were a mess. I bought things I couldn't find, but I knew I already owned. Paper got damaged and dogeared, and pages didn't get completed because I couldn't find the right punch. In my old house, my supplies were spread over an entire spare bedroom, closet included.

The Workbox was A BEAR to put together. I think between three adults and a child we had over 24 hours in it. But the directions were good. The owner actually gave me a number to contact him after hours for an assembly problem I was having. But everything went together beautifully. I was missing a few fabric drawers which the company got out to me quickly. I broke it in one spot, being too aggressive with a mallet trying to get the hardware in all the way.

The Workbox is beautiful, and works exactly as promised. The table is big enough to work on. I am still in the process of labeling & deciding what goes where. Even in its incomplete stage I am still able to finish projects! I'm so excited to be able to scrapbook again. I have almost an entire scrapbook room full of supplies in that box!

One problem that I have is that my Creative Memories 12x12 albums do not fit into the Workbox. The papers and pages fit into the fabric drawers, but NO WHERE can I fit any albums! SO right now they're in bins next to the workbox, and I'll be getting a bookshelf for finished albums, and empty albums I have bought for my next projects.

I'm also struggling a little with finding good homes for paper cutters that are just over 12'' long. I suspect I will find a way to hang them on the doors where the velcro pouches go.

I highly recommend this Workbox as it's a wonderfully useful tool to organize your scrapbooking or crafting supplies!
I love your products. They are great.
Dawn Thomson March 4, 2013 I bought the Scrapbox and paper tower when you had your 12 days of Christmas special going. I wasn't sure what to expect when I received them. I just know that I wanted at the least the workbox so I could be more organized and make more room in my living room. See, we are military and live in government housing so we do anything crazy like add rooms to our home. Anyway, after it was put together and I started filling it up with all of my supplies, I was shocked at how much these two items hold and how much more space they helped created in my home. Thanks!
Karen March 4, 2013 I love this for crafts or scrapbooking as I love storage and organization!
Molly March 4, 2013 I absolutely LOVE my Original Scrapbox! There is room for just about everything for my paper crafting needs. I have recommended it to my crafting friends.
Anne-Marie January 19, 2013 This is the most amazing invention for scrapbookers or any arts and crafts lover!!! The shelves are sturdy and the company does anything they can to make u happy (which by the way is easy bc u will love this piece!). There's tons of space and lots of ways to customize to ur own liking & needs. Enjoy!!
Sabrina January 3, 2013 I love this and want it so badly
It's my daily dose of fun
Nancy October 30, 2012 Bought the Workbox a few years ago. Managed to fit almost a whole small craft room in it. It is beyond handy. I keep everything there, nice and organized and easy to find. Even if I'm not crafting it gets opened once a day just to look at it :) Yes I'm obsessed and still in love with it like the first day it came into my life! Well worth the money. It will be with me forever!

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