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The New SewingBox™ is the perfect storage solution for all your sewing supplies and projects! The SewingBox™ is a fabulous workstation and sewing table for those who love to sew and quilt.

On the outside it looks like an innocent piece of elegant furniture and then unfolds and transforms to a marvelous sewing station. The SewingBox™ has a fold out table now on the left, a sliding table in the middle to hold your sewing machine and projects and a drop down back.

There are four (4) shelves for storage, three (3) shelves with totes and notions area for additional storage and retractable desk drawer.

The SewingBox™  includes three 12x12 canvas totes and Spool Holder that holds 32 spools of thread.

There are also electrical ports for your electrical cables (see pictures).

Assembly required.



The Sewing box is 39" long x 22" wide when closed.

It is 78" long when fully opened and 47" high.. The table is 42" long x 17" wide.

The opening for the machine is 13 x 24 inches. But that is only if you want to put your maching INTO the opening. Most people just stand the machine on the flat table top - there is a "covering" for the machine opening so larger machines can stand onto the table and not "submergered."


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4 Reviews "The SewingBox "

Love that it completely hides sewing things. Would tweak a few things though...
Laura August 11, 2014
I think the SewCloset is such a great idea to be able to keep my embroidery machine set up and ready to go when I have a few minutes to work on a project, and to store sewing notions, and have it all be completely hidden when not in use. The price is steep, but after looking for alternative options, I just couldn't find anything with as much storage and that didn't leave the mess of everything out in the open all the time.

I would've jumped on it sooner, but had a hard time paying so much for furniture that's not made out of solid wood (it's compressed wood with a veneer finish). The outside of the SewCloset actually looks and feels pretty substantial, though.

Things I wish were different:
1) Wish the workspace fold-out table was easier to put up--you have to have some muscle strength to put it up, and even then the process doesn't feel smooth; it kinda feels like an accident waiting to happen, like it's going to injure me one of these times.
2) Wish there was slightly more space (width-wise) on the middle tabletop area--was hoping to fit both sewing machine and embroidery machine up there together to keep set up all the time, but with the embroidery arm attached, it's just barely NOT enough space. (you probably could fit sewing machine and serger there at same time though).
3)Closing the doors together when you're done using it is a bit of a struggle. We discovered you have to pull the knobs up to lift the side doors to be able to close it all the way. Wish it were easier to close. Not a huge deal, but would make it feel like a nicer piece of furniture that was better-designed, and more worth the amount of money I spent on it.
Schell March 7, 2014
I love the design and functionality of this sewing chest. It is exactly what I wanted! Great Table.
Lisa March 7, 2014
1. It looks beautiful. The wood material is smooth, and the hardware is very attractive.
2. Everything folds away relatively simply so it all looks nice. I have mine in the living room, and it would very unsightly to see the machine and fabric and pins everywhere. Even if you haven't finished a project yet, you can still store it away somewhere in the box and fold it up for the night so it doesn't look so sloppy, should anyone come by for a visit!
3. There's lots of storage.
--There is a storage space underneath the main table where your sewing machine goes, perfect for storing manuals or other things you don't need to get to frequently.
--There is a secondary space behind the main space that folds down so you can move the machine back there if you need the main space for cutting or pinning or something.
--There is also an extension of the main table that unfolds to the side.
--There of course is the side table that unfolds from the right door to store a serger or provide extra cutting surface.
--The inside of the left door is lined with fabric that attracts velcro. There is a spool/thread holder that sticks right to the fabric and also two clear plastic cases with velcro that also stick to the door. I use these for chalk, seam rippers, other small random things. It's nice that you can just pull them off if you don't want to lean over to get them, and they stick right back on again.
--Below the velcro stuff, there are 4 shelves, about the size of compartments typically used to store different colored paper for scrapbooking.
--Attached to the main work table there is a drawer with several compartments. Not big enough for large scissors but perfect for pins, bobbins, other small notions.
--On the inside of the box just to the left of where you put your feet, there are 3 fabric drawers with a space to label the front. I use these for larger notions like scissors, zippers, corset bones, etc. I also put some drawer dividers in there to store all my buttons, which are separated by color.
Excellent Product
sfwatt November 15, 2012 Before purchasing this product I was not sure if it would work or not and did tons of research on different cabinets. This cabinet caught my eye and after receiving it last week, I can't believe how much I LOVE IT! The fact that it closes keeps dust and dirt away from my machine. I was hesitant about the workmanship when looking at it on line but when it arrived saw that it is excellent workmanship. The only thing we changed was adding rollers to the bottom so that it can be moved out for cleaning underneath. I am a very productive quilter and was able to complete borders on a CA King last night by placing the quilt on the shelf next to the machine. I would not hesitate to recommend this product. Truly an awesome cabinet!

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