The Storage Tower
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The Storage Tower

Store Your Stuff In Style™

$595.00 Free Shipping


The Storage Tower™ is a beautiful storage solution for a small space or an awesome addition to The Craft Box™ or Work Box™.

It’s a workspace and a storage solution that looks like a beautiful, high-end piece of furniture.

There are drawers, nooks and spaces for all of your stuff!

The Storage Tower™ comes in two styles (Beadboard or Raised Panel) and Knotty Alder or Painted (Black or White) finishes.

Assembly Required.


Dimensions: 18" W x 18" D x 72" H

Includes: 34 totes & 10 pouches

17: 12" x 12" x 3" totes

17: 3" x 12" x 3" totes

10 velcro zipper pouches


Customer Reviews

4 Reviews "The Storage Tower"

Jennifer December 12, 2014
Here's the TL;DR version.

1. It's heavy. The delivery company will call you to set up a time so they can deliver the boxes to you. The boxes come on a pallet. You will need to have garage space available (or wherever you put huge shipments). Do not try to move the boxes by yourself. Get some help.

2. The pallet is yours. Do whatever you want with it.

3. When the instructions call for two people definitely use two people. My husband didn't and hit a snag along the way. It could have been avoided had he asked for some help. ;)

4. It takes several hours and some sweat to put it together.

5. Put it on coasters/sliders if you plan on moving it around. It's heavy.

6. Very solid construction.

For the long version:

This storage tower is quite amazing. I purchased it while TOS was having a warehouse moving sale. It arrived a week or so later and my husband put it together in an evening.

This thing is heavy. If you plan on moving it you'll want to invest in those coasters/sliders for heavy furniture. You can not move this thing by yourself. It weighs about 200+ lbs of heavy wood.

The construction of the tower is fantastic. High quality materials were used in the manufacturing and I love the little latch-lock on the top. No way for little hands to sneak inside your tower to snag your craft supplies. ;)

The baskets that come with the tower are a bit flimsy. They're made from clear-ish plastic and a light-weight canvas looking material. They have rigid, foldable bottoms that help them keep their shape but just remember that the sides are soft. If you want them to retain their shape I suggest using chip board (or a thin cardboard) around the sides.

The front of the containers has sign holder. Very handy once you get your stuff organized.

I love that I can organize the shelves in any arrangement I want. This lets me put in my own totes or have open shelves for open stock paper, or whatever I want. :)

Overall this product is fantastic. High quality manufacturing, easy to contact customer service and good instructions make this a wonderful investment and a rare amazing put-it-together-yourself piece of furniture.
Love the Tower!
Tammy October 19, 2014
This Paper Tower is great! It holds a ton of paper!! Then you can use the clear storage bags that come with it to hold embellishments, paper scraps, etc. They stick to the velcro inside the door. I stuck velcro to "command" hooks and put them inside the door to hang embellishments. The Tower was not hard to put together. I put most of it together by myself then at one point my husband had to help me finish. As with all the ScrapBox Products, I would recommend purchasing it!!
I could not be happier!
Vickie October 17, 2014
I bought my craft box first, the storage tower second and I use it for all my scrap booking albums I have going. You can keep a whole book of pages in it, label it on the clear pocket on front and go on to another drawer work on a different one. I bought the white beadboard style works great with any room decor. Easy to put together and lots of clear bag storage in the door for all your needs. I recommend this to anyone if your a crafter or scraper.
Sarah May 5, 2014
Fits my needs perfectly and very pleased with overall quality.

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