Door Upgrade Kit

The Door Upgrade Kit fits the Workbox 1.0 velcro doors and our WorkBox 2.0 right door. The Door Upgrade Kit will even fit into our discontinued models of the CraftBox, and Storage(Paper) Tower!  MAPLE UPGRADE DOOR KITS will be back in stock in December 2016. 

Easy to install, the Upgrade Kit includes:

  • 7 built-in shelves
  • 6 built-in hooks for assorted tools
  • 3 built-in pockets for pens and tools
  • 7 adjustable acrylic guards
  • 2 interchangeable metal bars to replace acrylic guards for customization!
  • Space for 3 velcro pouches
  • The Door Upgrade Kit is sold in light maple, white, or knotty alder

Assembly Required
Place The Door Upgrade Kit into The WorkBox 1.0 door panel over the black felt, to give it our left door WorkBox 2.0 features!  You can also install in the right swing door. The Door Upgrade Kit leaves a space at the bottom for velcro pouches. Sold as 2 insert panels with 8 screws. Acrylic guards are installed with 14 screws and 14 washers, instructions included!

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