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A Word from some of our customers. 

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Just wanted to say......... I LOVE my WORKBOX..... Lots and lots and lots and lots!!! I cant believe just how much having this organization Workbox has changed the way I craft!! I really do love it, well worth the money! If I had the room then I would buy another. I am saving at the moment for 2 paper towers....may be that it takes a couple of years, but I really want them :)

~ Mandy Wardle


I have The Original Scrapbox and sooooo want to add the easy view desk......I used the biggest boxes to keep all my special event paper and products together......wish I had another for my photos to organize them the same way........if you are thinking of making the investment in the best, order one today...You will not be sorry. I not kidding, it is the best purchase I have made in a long friends are very envious.

~ Lily Hayes


Thank you Scrapbox for making such a terrific storage cabinet. I love Love Love it. It holds everything I use to scrap with except some of my paper. My next thing to get is the paper [tower]. I have to save up for it though. I am so happy with my Workbox. I really do not know how to put into words the enjoyment that I get out of sitting down to it everyday to make cards or layouts. I you do not have one of your own I suggest that you save up really hard and get one. It turned my life around.

~ Donna Brooks


This is my Original Scrapbox that my daughter brought me from America and I love it,as do all my friends.

~ Irene Gillett (Australia)


Thank you for your awesome product. I love having everything organized.

~ Kim Caywood


I ordered the Scrapbox over the phone off your website, and first of allI want to say that your phone lady was wonderful, the delivery was right on time and well packed, but the Scrapbox .....Wow! I first spotted it at the Scrapbook Expo Convention in Ontario, CA. I came around the corner and let out a yell. It was exactly what I needed. Once assembled It took two glorious days to decide which of the many, many drawers in which to put what, ( I could open a store tomorrow and have inventory for six months) but when it was done I was so happy I nearly cried. Whoever designed it REALLY KNOWS SCRAPBOOKING!

It has solved more problems than you can imagine. I have to share my scrap room with 3 grandbabies and 7 great-grandbabies who visit a lot as It's also their playroom. I do have to take some of the velcro-ed pouches off the sides and put them on top to close it but that's a 30 second job. Before the box, It took me a hour to clean the mess and get all the dangers away from little curious hands. And the idea of a place for everything and everything in it's place, to a mother of six, is pure heaven. I now know exactly what I own, and where it is, instead of running out to buy something that was buried, unknown to me, in the pile. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have seriously impacted my life!

~ Janet Alba


I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I love my new scrapbox. I used to own a scrapbook store and all of my scrapbook stuff used to take up a whole office but I needed the office for a new baby and this seemed my best alternative.

I have now moved my entire scrapbook room plus all of my painting, sewing and school crafts into my scrapbox and still have room. It's amazing! Not to mention all my friends are jealous and all think they need to get one now too.

I was also impressed that when a piece came damaged all I did was leave a message and yesterday I received the replacement part with no hassle.

So thank you, thank you. I'm sure I'll enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture for years to come.

~ Shelley Howard


I purchased my Scrap Box last year and am very pleased with it.

~ Eileen Null


You can own your own workbox at The Original This is $$$ well spent on an awesome piece of furniture. You definitely won't be sorry if you purchase one of your own!!.

~ Connie Wilson Green


I am delighted to write you about my Scrap Box. It is wonderful. My friends are amazed at how much it holds of my scrapbooking supplies. I tell everyone how great it is. So much in a 3' x 3' area. You couldn't have done it better. So many shelves, different sizes, the desk area, and more than I can describe. If anyone has any question of it's worth; just ask me. It's great.

~ Kathy Swetland


We received the Scrap Box yesterday – it’s perfect – LOVE it!

~ Teona Miller


 I LOVE my scrapbox and desk, it makes my craft area look so beautiful and I can find everything and it's so much easier to clean up after crafting when I can see where it all goes. Thank you for such a wonderful and well built product!

~ Marji Franklin


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