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Customer Photos of The Original ScrapBox Crate Delivery

Customer Photos of The Original ScrapBox Crate Delivery

ScrapBox Delivery 

Buying a large piece of furniture online can seem intimidating, but it doesn't need to be! The shipping and delivery process for your ScrapBox is straightforward and worry-free. 

When your order leaves our warehouse, you will get an email with tracking information. Once it has arrived in your city, the shipping company will call you to schedule a curbside delivery. All ScrapBox furniture will come flat packed in a large crate, ready to be assembled. 

Want to see what a ScrapBox delivery looks like? See below. 

Delivery photos captured by customers

These photos were shared by Terri S. She said, "So this happened today!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Next up will be filling it up with all my crafty stuff!!!!"


"My Delivery Day!"

Celeste W. excitedly shared these photos of the day that her WorkBox was delivered! 

If you have any questions about the shipping and delivery process, please reach out to The Original ScrapBox customer service department: 


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  • Ashley Puriri
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  • Donnie Johnson
    Donnie Johnson

    That craft ctr. could be used for many different things, like a fly tying station or model car parts. Any # of things. Love 2 own it.

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