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WorkBox 3.0 vs. DreamBox

WorkBox 3.0 vs. DreamBox

WorkBox 3.0 vs DreamBox

Wondering how the new DreamBox stacks up against the popular WorkBox 3.0? To the untrained eye, the differences may appear subtle. Not so! Read on for an in-depth comparison.

Learn all about what makes this new workspace so DREAMY, including:  

  • 50% more table space 
  • New standing height option
  • 50% more storage space in swing doors
  • Larger storage spaces for taller machines
  • New beautiful, modern exterior styles


Craft with a friend! The DreamBox offers 50% more table space than the WorkBox 3.0. New adjustable table legs give you the option to stand and craft.


Enjoy 50% more storage space and full customization capabilities in the DreamBox swing doors! Store larger items and design your doors to fit your unique crafting style. 


More room to store larger items or machines in your center box. Be future-ready for new accessories! 


Twice as many hooks and rods to keep you organized. New jars designed to fit in the larger DreamBox swing doors! 


New! Beautiful, modern exteriors. 


Shop the DreamBox

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  • Ashley Puriri
Comments 27
  • Yvonne Torburn-Clark
    Yvonne Torburn-Clark

    I’m gonna order one. That’s it. My craft room is non-operational. It’s a combo Kitty room and craft room. Has become a storage room also. I’d like to be able to move around in there w/o stepping in the potty box! Ugh. I’m into mostly polymer clay and bead crafting. But I’ve got tons of paints and drawing supplies, too. And every time I want to make something, I’ve got to cart it all out to the living room to work on it. This would be a wonderful way to clean up my act.

  • Court

    My poor, crafting heart — I am sALIVATING!! It’s time to start saving up, I have to have this.

  • TONIA Shassiah MCKIE
    TONIA Shassiah MCKIE

    I wish I never came across this site. I have bags, boxes, bins, bowls, jars, plastic shelving, etc… and my crafting space looks like a “Hoarder” space. I make crafts for the hospitalized kids and functions. Now that I’ve seen “The Almighty, Life-Saving, Absolutely Beautiful DreamBox”, I can’t think of anything else. I can’t afford it right now but I’m going to lose my head if I don’t figure a way to get it. Ohhhh Lord, I’ll NEVER ask for anything again… Please guide my steps! I know I said this at the Harley dealership, but I mean it this time! lol I’m IN LOVE…..

  • Mary

    What a great idea!

  • Rebecca stickel
    Rebecca stickel

    My craft room is a packed cyclone area! My family is upset that it has spilled over into most of the house. If you ever decide to do a professional video demonstration on room ‘clean up and declutter’ event to show just how much it will hold or even how to go about starting, I am volunteering my craft room to be the guinea pig! I have been looking at the work box for years. Hoping and dreaming now for a Dreambox…cause you know, crafty girls always need just one more embelleshment, yard of fabric or package of buttons! I love buttons!!
    Look forward to owning one of these someday!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Kim Buchanan
    Kim Buchanan

    I have been looking at the dream box for a while. I think I’m going to order one. I’ll have to have you all put it together because my husband is not to handy. LOL I just wish that was included in the price.
    Cant wait !!!

  • Donna Jean Gafford
    Donna Jean Gafford

    This is exactly what I need in order to have everything in one place when it is time to downsize!

  • Wendy Wharton
    Wendy Wharton

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my Sister. She is amazing at her crafts but her space is limited. This would be great! She does her scrapbooking to unwind. She has 2 special needs children, one has severe epilepsy so something like this is far from her budget. Maybe one day for her. This is great though!

    Wendy Wharton
    Castleton, VA

  • Oriana

    While the Dreambox has more room, only the work box has the knotty alder option. I like that because it is the only option that has the color all the way throughout the interior of the furniture, instead of color on the outside only….but all that spaaaace…I CAN’T decide!!!😭

  • Betty Brant
    Betty Brant

    Oh these look amazing I get harassed by my family because I have crafty things and I can’t get organized. My nice things get thrown or ruined I suggest if you are able to get one and it would be of use get one. These are beautiful looking

  • Patricia J Kowalczyk
    Patricia J Kowalczyk

    Have been looking to improve my craft area in order to make it more organized and easier to craft. My problem is liking too many crafts- watercolor, colored pencil, decoupage, jewelry making and mix media for ornament making. Hoping I can swing a DreamBox at some point this year. Excited!

  • Dee Birmingham
    Dee Birmingham

    I follow your page and keep up with the posts. I would so love one of these, but I am retired and it is not in my budget. Darn! Love the Dreambox with the molding on the box.

  • Sandra Anderson
    Sandra Anderson

    I have been dreaming about one of these boxes for years! I’m on disability and I have boxes and bags full of scrapbook and craft items in closets, a storage room and the basement and never use it because it is spread all over the house. Would love to get it all organized and together in one spot so I can sit down and actually scrap! Hoping to win one someday in one of your contests!! Until then I will keep liking your posts and dreaming big!!! :D

  • Karen

    I’ve been looking for something to help store the ton of supplies in one place that’s neat and organized! I do several different types of crafts and it’s seems thisnis the ANSWER to all of my wishes! Never heard about this until now… I SO SO SO want one!! Praying I can somehow make that happen… Dreaming of a DREAM BOX!!!

  • Jennifer Pellegrino
    Jennifer Pellegrino

    Finally ordered the Dreambox!!! My husband surprised me for our 20th anniversary (on Valentine’s Day)! I’m glad I passed on the workbox years ago because this is going to be amazing with all the new features it contains! Cannot wait for it to arrive!! <3 :)

  • Veronica Van buren
    Veronica Van buren

    I have had my Workbox for probably 5 years and I love it more everyday! I’m an organized person and this takes my organization to another level. So easy to do my Scrapbooking and make my handmade greeting cards with everything at my fingertips! Great investment and keep up the great work.❤️

  • Martha Davidson
    Martha Davidson

    DreamBox is awesome looking! It looks like it will be perfect for my crafting and sewing. Hopefully this year I will be able to get me one.

  • Debbie McGrath
    Debbie McGrath

    Good Evening, I never thought I would own a Scrapbox at least not for a couple years. Well, I was able to order my 3.0 Scrabox last week. I am so very excited to receive it and get it all set up in my new studio for work. I think they’re just amazing. I just can’t wait…..

  • Mary Sherman
    Mary Sherman

    I have the workbox 3.0. I love it. I would like to suggest that the table be able to be tilted up or down for storing. I am in a wheelchair and it is hard to reach under to the shelves when the table is up. I have also used dish pans to hold items on the shelves under the table. On the Velcro door, I put a hook on each side and tied a cord connecting them. This gives me a place to store my long cutting mats and other large supplies. This gives me a great way to store my craft supplies. since I do multiple types of crafts, I need lots of storage and this works great. I love it.

  • Bernie b
    Bernie b

    I will own one of these.

  • Anne Marine
    Anne Marine

    I’m planning to order the dream box in February as soon as we move into our new house.

  • Joyce Garland
    Joyce Garland

    I’m hoping to purchase a DreamBox soon.

  • Robin

    I am hoping I win the gift card after I completed the survey for you, so it can go towards a dreambox.

  • Cindy Southard
    Cindy Southard

    I am DREAMING of a DREAMBox!!!!

  • Jennie

    Planning on ordering mine in 2019/feb

  • Kersty

    Hey there,

    I am intrigued by your dreambox

  • Tina Nielsen
    Tina Nielsen

    I have a workbox 3.0 and I love it. the only thing that I can think of when it comes to improvements is if there were a way to lock in the dividers in the clear totes. whenever they are full with the dividers in, they stretch a little and that causes the dividers to move or come out which defeats the purpose. otherwise I truly love my workbox and really appreciate that you are always finding ways to improve this amazing work of art. thank you!

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