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WorkBox 3.0 vs. DreamBox

WorkBox 3.0 vs. DreamBox

WorkBox 3.0 vs DreamBox

Wondering how the new DreamBox stacks up against the popular WorkBox 3.0? To the untrained eye, the differences may appear subtle. Not so! Read on for an in-depth comparison.

Learn all about what makes this new workspace so DREAMY, including:  

  • 50% more table space 
  • New standing height option
  • 50% more storage space in swing doors
  • Larger storage spaces for taller machines
  • New beautiful, modern exterior styles


Craft with a friend! The DreamBox offers 50% more table space than the WorkBox 3.0. New adjustable table legs give you the option to stand and craft.


Enjoy 50% more storage space and full customization capabilities in the DreamBox swing doors! Store larger items and design your doors to fit your unique crafting style. 


More room to store larger items or machines in your center box. Be future-ready for new accessories! 


Twice as many hooks and rods to keep you organized. New jars designed to fit in the larger DreamBox swing doors! 


New! Beautiful, modern exteriors. 


The DreamBox launches November 15th. Order early to receive yours by Christmas! 

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  • Ashley Puriri
Comments 1
  • Tina Nielsen
    Tina Nielsen

    I have a workbox 3.0 and I love it. the only thing that I can think of when it comes to improvements is if there were a way to lock in the dividers in the clear totes. whenever they are full with the dividers in, they stretch a little and that causes the dividers to move or come out which defeats the purpose. otherwise I truly love my workbox and really appreciate that you are always finding ways to improve this amazing work of art. thank you!

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