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Two daughters. Two weddings. Lots of DIY.

Two daughters. Two weddings. Lots of DIY.

Two of our favorite ladies around the office - Jonna and Yvonne (who you'll recognize if you watch our videos ūüėä) - each had a daughter get married this summer!

They each used all of their DIY knowledge to help create a beautiful and unforgettable scene... after all, what won't a mother do for her daughter? 


Jonna helped create a stunning navy blue and summer yellow theme for her daughter Shaye's wedding! 


She also created a stunning flower wall made entirely out of paper! We can't even begin to imagine how long each one of those flowers took! The time and effort clearly paid off!

She created some stunning bouquets for the exciting event!

And last but surely not least, Jonna created a beautiful chalk board sign welcoming others to celebrate their love! 

 Yvonne's DIY Wedding Decor

Yvonne also created some absolutely stunning decorations for her daughter Rachel's wedding, helping make it a moment they will never forget! 

 Getting creative, she created the cutest hanging planters with lightbulbs! We can't help but think they are just too magical! 

Yvonne also created the most adorable donut board to serve dessert! 

Using her DIY skills she made the most beautiful haven! 

 What do you think about their DIY wedding decorating? Think you may need to use some of these gorgeous ideas? 


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