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Meet our new product: the EZ Sew!

Meet our new product: the EZ Sew!

We are so excited to introduce to you our newest sewing and storage solution... The EZ Sew! 

We are finally ready to show you this new product and take you through a tour of all of its amazing features! We listened to you and heard your requests for a beautiful and functional sewing station. After months of hard work our designers developed the EZ Sew desk. 

We launched the EZ Sew LIVE on our Facebook page and many of our fans had been anticipating the new product. They joined in with their questions and had great feedback for us. Watch the Facebook live here


This desk was designed with elegantly rounded edges and plenty of table space to allow fabric to flow freely without snags.

The EZ Sew offers incredibly functional storage spaces and includes 12 of our signature clear totes - all while doubling as a beautiful furniture piece!

With our new electric lift system for your machine, getting into the creative groove is smooth and simple. 

Shop for the EZ Sew and learn more HERE. We would love to hear what you think! Comment and tell us! 

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  • Corinne Spears
Comments 8
  • The Original ScrapBox
    The Original ScrapBox

    You can shop for the EZ Sew here:

  • The Original ScrapBox
    The Original ScrapBox

    Unfortunately this particular product is only offered in the USA, but our international distributor in Germany does have other ScrapBox furniture pieces. See

  • The Original ScrapBox
    The Original ScrapBox

    Hi Jana – They are only sold online at this time.

  • The Original ScrapBox
    The Original ScrapBox

    Hi Julie – Here’s another video that goes into more depth. Hope that helps!

  • Jana

    Are these units sold online only? Is there a local distributor in California?

  • Julie Frederick
    Julie Frederick

    Please describe the new Ez sew so that the left side is more easily visible and understood. I am so fascinated nut unclear as to the design. Thank you!

  • Mouza Alneyadi
    Mouza Alneyadi

    I like this new product it’s very qute for homework and save spaces, so my you shipping this product to the United Arab Emirates???

  • Patricia New
    Patricia New

    These items are very good & I would really like to get one the only trouble is you don’t put the price or where I can buy one from which defeat the purpose of your advert

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