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Meet The DreamCart

Meet The DreamCart

Launching August 22nd

The DreamCart is a pop-up mobile craft station that provides a creative space where and when you need it. Use alongside your DreamBox or as a stand alone piece. Watch below for all the details.   

One-leaf or two?

The DreamCart will be available in two versions—with one table leaf or two. Look over the details below to decide which one is right for you. 

One-leaf dimensions - 

Two-leaf dimensions -

Additional DreamCart details - 

  • Available August 22nd 
  • Estimated ship time: 0-3 weeks
  • Free shipping in the continental USA
  • Assembly required (30-45 minutes to assemble) 

Join our ScrapBox Family Facebook group for early access to purchase the DreamCart! 

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  • Ashley Puriri
Comments 91
  • Toni Jarrett
    Toni Jarrett

    I would love to have this! Perhaps organizing will inspire me to become crafty again!

  • Marcia Brown
    Marcia Brown

    This is a great little cart. The double leaf would be just what I need in a table. I would use it to cut out material for my various sewing projects, or for having a couple of friends over for scrapbooking or cardmaking! Great job on the portability!!

  • MeeSuze

    The Dream Cart would be perfect to use in my livingroom room to work on projects with my family.

  • Lori

    I would love to own the new dream cart! I have the dream box but even with all the crafting room it has, it is still not enough!

  • Arlene

    This looks fantastic, either stand-alone or with the Dream Box. I can envision the extra width this cart would give and that it can be rolled away and almost hidden away. WOW

  • Kristin McIntyre
    Kristin McIntyre

    I would use the new Dream Cart as my assembling station for all my crafting creations.

  • Julia McNevin
    Julia McNevin

    Thank you for adding more details about the wonderful DreamCarts. <3 <3 <3 The shelf supports look like they are easy to use. Will you please consider using them in your other products? :-D Wow, I just discovered the secret sneak-peak at your OTHER future product! Had to watch the video a few times before spotting it. LOL. Love it!!

  • Julia McNevin
    Julia McNevin

    Thank you for adding more details about the wonderful DreamCarts. <3 <3 <3

  • Rebecca Peters
    Rebecca Peters

    This looks awesome and I’d love it! I just ordered the WorkBox 3.0 at the beginning of August and am waiting for it to ship (so excited!). Is this something that would only work with the DreamBox or could it work with the WorkBox 3.0? What is the cost? Thank you!!!

  • Denise Baker
    Denise Baker

    I live in a very small 1 bedroom apartment and desperately want more craft and sewing space! I love this new cart and the fact that I can fold it down and put it away when not needed. I can’t wait until it is ready to purchase.

  • Deb Mack
    Deb Mack

    I would use it for my Chalk Couture business. I love that the table is huge to have plenty of work space, and I could store my Chalk Couture tools and pastes underneath! It’s perfect!

  • Janice Hopper
    Janice Hopper

    I love this. This would be a great companion to my sewing desk, purchased here several years ago but since discontinued. This would be a great table for cutting fabric and for storing supplies.

  • Karen Robinson
    Karen Robinson

    This would be the perfect addition to my Workbox 2.0. My granddaughters love to craft with me and it would provide just the right amount of additional work space.

  • Barbara Reinhardt
    Barbara Reinhardt

    The Dream Cart is exactly what I am looking for in our tiny 700 square foot summertime lake home!

    I will use it for solitude… smaller art projects mostly, my desktop for writing cards & letters, cutting vinyl with my Silhouette, & even as my daily working area too.

    I have just started using a bead loom & my Dream Cart would be the perfect space!

    I love scrapbooking, but all of that remains in my bigger winter home in Florida. I plan to purchase a Dream Box when I earn a little more money selling gently used items & saving any monetary gifts! Thank goodness you finally offer gift cards for purchase!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Eileen Moss
    Eileen Moss

    Great idea particularly for small spaces.

  • Helen Bjorge
    Helen Bjorge

    The work space looks awesome. The storage is fabulous.

  • Helen Bjorge
    Helen Bjorge

    The work space looks awesome and the storage is great.

  • Paula Caster
    Paula Caster

    Was looking for something compact for sewing in my small space. This is perfect!!

  • Yvonne

    OMG this is perfect for additional craft space! I need this for my guest bedroom

  • Dorothy S
    Dorothy S

    I need this in my life, maybe even more than one. Love, Love, Love it.!!!

  • Jade Bergeron
    Jade Bergeron

    I would love this in my sewing room. It would be perfect as an Easy Press station.

  • Karen Roberts
    Karen Roberts

    This is just wonderful! I think it’ll be a great addition to any craft room! I can see one of these in mine!

  • Nell Barnes
    Nell Barnes

    This is a well thought out piece. With all of its versatility, it can be used for just about anything. I personally would use it for my extra office space. I have a lot of important documents I have to keep up with and be ready to grab on a whim. With the clear drawers that makes life easier. Thanks for creating such a wonderful addition to your already beautiful line of creative pieces.


    Nell Barnes

  • Fran

    Awesome!!! Looks great for full home and apartments…thanks for thinking of this

  • Diane Schultz
    Diane Schultz

    I would love to have this craft table. I could use it in my craft room or out in the family room

  • Diane Schultz
    Diane Schultz

    I would love to have this mobile workspace. I can scrapbook anywhere in my home.

  • Belia

    I love the fact that it has wheels! Makes it easy to move around.

  • Kelly Hagler
    Kelly Hagler

    I would use the Dream cart for paper crafting! Specifically for making cards! I have very limited space in my house for my crafting and the Dream cart would be great!

  • Lisa Schlosser
    Lisa Schlosser

    I would love to use this at my cabin for a sewing area. I’m also thinking this would be a wonderful addition to my classroom for much need work space for students that didn’t need to be fully extended all the time. Love it!

  • Kathryn Walker
    Kathryn Walker

    Would love this Dream Cart as a mobile work space!!👍😉

  • Corbi

    Love this! I wish shipping to Alaska wasn’t so bad!

  • Kathleen Buchanan
    Kathleen Buchanan

    I’m waiting for the scrapbook I just ordered. This New item would be a great addition the new studio/ craft room I’m creating out of our son’s old bedroom.

  • Lisa R Garland
    Lisa R Garland

    That new cart is exactly what I need! I just moved into a new house and now i have my very own craft room to myself! It would be great to be able to load up what i need and move it to the living room and back again without things getting misplaced.

  • Deidra Powell
    Deidra Powell

    This would be a dream!!! I would use it for sewing and cricut

  • Cynthia

    Ooo how prefect for all my crafty layouts and projects with my grandson in instead of dining room table. I LOVE IT !💕💕

  • Eva

    I am afraid I have too much to store in any of the grand organizers. I’ve been trying for years to buy the biggest one. I wonder i I would need four of them? Goodness sakes! Save me !

  • Nadine Baker
    Nadine Baker

    I would love this to be able to craft anywhere when my family are at home watching TV. I would like to feel included in what they are doing and feel isolated crafting in my craft space

  • Mona

    It would be a “dream” come true to win this beautiful table. I some day hope to own The DreamBox. Ideal for any crafter.. perfect for my art supplies.

  • Annemarie

    So versatile! I would use it to add a craft space in my craft room for guests, you could roll it out to where you want to work, as an extra dining space of buffet, to work on puzzles and to wrap presents just to name a few.

  • DIANNE Strachan
    DIANNE Strachan

    Looks very versatile.

  • Dianne Strachan
    Dianne Strachan

    Would love to win your new Dream Cart.. It will work so well in my summer home. Looking for 8/22..

  • Emma Catrett
    Emma Catrett

    It would make a great bead storage card and jewelry crafting space.

  • Susan Janek
    Susan Janek

    This would be so helpful to create cards and do scrapbook pages. So many supplies are needed and this would work great.

  • Dorothy Martin
    Dorothy Martin

    What a terrific addition that would be to my Scrapbox cabinet. Lots of work space.

  • Rosemarie Levandowski
    Rosemarie Levandowski

    Everyone can always use more table space and that’s what I love about The DreamCart! The extra storage is a bonus. And fitting right up to my DreamBox…it’s a dream come true

  • Debby Jones
    Debby Jones

    This is awesome! Does it only come in white? I have your woodgrain (for lack of a better color description!) scrap-box workbox I bought over 10 years ago and still use it daily. Will the dream-cart attach to my workbox? This is a dream come true!

  • Deborah Gray
    Deborah Gray

    How much is it

  • Dori Leslie
    Dori Leslie

    This would be so perfect for me. My oldest sister is in poor health and I’m working on the logistics of moving in to care for her. She has a pretty small house and I will need to downsize a lot… from a full craft room to a corner of a room there. it’s gotta be done so I’ll need to figure it out :) That’s what family does.

  • Wanda French
    Wanda French

    This is a great option..

  • Sueanne Armistead
    Sueanne Armistead

    I like that it is compact, but opens up to such a wide area😸

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