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Meet The Maker: Our very own, Yvonne Hubert!

Meet The Maker: Our very own, Yvonne Hubert!

Meet Yvonne

Our first maker story of 2019 is a special one. Yvonne is a mother, grandmother, long-time crafter, and co-founder of our company! Her experience and connection with the customer provides invaluable insights for direction and improvement. You can thank her for the clear totes and many of the other features that you love! Her smile and vibrance for life is contagious.

Read on to get to know the heart of our company! 

Yvonne loves to witness the excitement of someone who is seeing a ScrapBox for the first time. She believes that people, especially women, have an innate desire to create. Everyone deserves to have their own creative space where they can dream and explore! 

Who inspires you? 

My daughters!  They amaze me as I watch them tackle life and its challenges.  They are so positive and love experiencing new things.  Change is harder for me.  My husband also inspires me to be better.  He is a great listener, kind, patient, and loves helping others to be in a better place than they are.  I am also inspired by so many of our customers!  I came home from a photo shoot for Meet the Maker and couldn't wait to organize all of my jewelry beads because of seeing the beauty created by Desiree Reinhard of Made By Mermaids. 

What completed project are you most proud of? 

I love my Santas!  For about 10 years I painted several Santas with family, friends and neighbors and love the memories.  I keep them on display in my craft room all year round. 

What is something you are currently excited about?

Preparing for and teaching my class of 17 year olds at church!  All 24 of them inspire me!

Ocean or mountains?

Yes, both!!!!  My husband loves to surf so we love the beach and California sunsets, but we also love mountain biking together and have been exploring trails for almost 20 years.

Favorite hobbies (other than crafting☺️)? 

I love reading a good book and escaping into another world.  I also love my 2 granddaughters and love seeing them discover new things.  I really enjoy biking, snowboarding, and listening to or performing inspired music!

Favorite food / Favorite treat?

I love grilled Salmon. My favorite treat has to be my husband's homemade blueberry smoothies.

What part of your craft room is your very favorite?

My new DreamBox, of course! 

Life motto? Or words you try to live by?

Look unto God in every thought, doubt not, fear not. 

Would you like to meet more members of the ScrapBox team?

Leave a comment below and let us know!  


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  • Ashley Puriri
Comments 6
  • Mary Catania
    Mary Catania

    If not already added, I would like to see a power strip on the desk.

  • Susan Shake
    Susan Shake

    I love crafting/sewing and have a hobby business called Citi Girl Crafts I began after many years of raising 3 sons, homeschooling them and preparing them to be adults. I am also a researcher and love, love, have to be organized! It’s in my DNA! As I spent the better part of 2018 learning about your products, I was sure this was a purchase I would like to make…and then you began offering the “Dream Box”…exactly what I need. The free shipping around Christmas was why I finally pulled the trigger!

    My craft room (I am blessed to have a husband that encouraged me to transform a bedroom into one after a son left for college) has become my have, and now that we’ve been blessed with a grandchild, it is also occasionally used as a bedroom. My craft supplies can be very dangerous for small children so that put me on the hunt for a solution to this new situation where I can stow away the potential “weapons”.

    I ordered my DreamBox in mid December 2018, received it the first week of January 2019 (so fast!), and we finished putting it together last night. Let the filling of the box begin!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💕😃

    We have been blown away with the ingenuity and quality of your product as well as the support many different people have provided answering all my questions after making the purchase. Thank you for your vision and work to create this company.

    You and all your employees are the best!


  • The Original ScrapBox
    The Original ScrapBox

    Hi Doris,

    Learn more about our financing options here:

  • Doris Cintron
    Doris Cintron

    I have already, Been Told "No-There isn’t any "Lay-away-Plans Available, all I’m saying is “If in the Future” I would be given the Opportunity, I have Guaranteed Income, From Social Security and Can Pay-Steady, Non-Stop, Til Finished Paying all up! IF This should happen could you Please Call me at: (619)288-1210 and let me know, I’d want Two of the Original Boxes.

  • Pamela Ouafi
    Pamela Ouafi

    My upmost favorite video of all time!!! Yvonne is beautiful! But tell her please bring on the farm house grey on all products!!! It’s beautiful!!!! We need COLOR!!!

  • Brenda Jones
    Brenda Jones

    Great post. I would like to find out about the other members that makes these great products.

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