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Need help organizing?

Need help organizing?

The MiniBox is here to help! Read below to see how you can take charge of organizing your home and save your precious craft room space!

The MiniBox is a mobile unit! Move it to any area of your home!

Label your totes for your dream hideaway workstation.

Love to craft on the couch? No problem!

Don't let your junk-drawer define your home!
Enjoy the bliss of organization with The MiniBox!


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By Kat Espinoza 

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  • Keith Hubert
Comments 1
  • Marietta Matuschewski
    Marietta Matuschewski

    Well I finally have my WB! I saw the original video on my FB news feed and decided I have to have one of these wonderful cabinets! After patiently waiting for it to arrive, (it was backordered ) I received mine and there was one piece that was damaged in freight. I simply took a photo and received a replacement IMMEDIATLY. The people at this company care about their product and their customers. I am happy to announce my cabinet is put together and I have made my first card for father’s day. LOL Thank you for a fabulous product and fabulous service! Morag I want to personally say THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN FOR ME.

    Marietta Matuschewski

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