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New Year, New Organization!

New Year, New Organization!

Happy New Year!!! ūüéČ

One of the beautiful things about the New Year is the fresh start it gives. We want to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to getting those creative juices flowing. Read on for a compilation of some of our favorite organization tips for 2019! 

1. An organized dream

Live your organized dream with our DreamBox! Having everything within arms reach can make a world of a difference!

2. A true space saver

Save time and space with this awesome DIY hack! Colette C. updated her WorkBox table using her Cricut cutting machine. Such a great idea for anyone who is measuring often! 

3. A DIY to remember

This DIY chalk board will surely help keep you organized! Use it as a grocery list, to-do list, or a bucket list! There are so many fun options! 

Credit  TipJunkie learn more here! 

4. An organized display

Have a gorgeous display with our ScrapMaBox accessory! Dawn Wade, from The Littlest Detail, utilizes TWO for ultimate pen and marker storage!  Get one here! 

5. Your morning simplified

Use a shoe rack for your hair tools and products to speed up your morning routine and have everything close to hand!

Credit Cosmopolitan learn more here! 

6. Beautifully organized threads

Keep all of your threads perfectly organized in your WorkBox with this DIY! Elizabeth A. created this thread display using plywood and nails. She also discovered that the ArtBin PN 6901AB happens to fit our totes perfectly! Find it here!

 7. The Ultimate SewingBox solution

Get the perfect organized hybrid sewing station with the Ultimate SewingBox! Get one here! 


What are your favorite organization hacks? Tell us in the comments below! 

Wondering where you can purchase the DreamBox or SewingBox? Shop here! 

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  • Corinne Spears
Comments 5
  • Crystal

    I really like organize ideas I can use for my kids and there toys if they can help them self’s finding a toy that they want I don’t get Interrupted with what I’m doing crafting something

  • Lorri Bell
    Lorri Bell

    Some really great ideas. My goal this year is to label all my workbox bins!!!

  • Eulalia

    I loved all the ideas. It’s great.

  • Melanie

    Love the measuring tape table idea! I’ll add that to mine….on each side!

  • Lori Gilson
    Lori Gilson

    Great post! I love the idea for thread and the shoe rack for the hair tools. Genius.

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