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Why Sarah's craft she shed is trending and how to make your own

Why Sarah's craft she shed is trending and how to make your own

Sarah's she shed story has been one of our most viewed videos EVER. We first shared it in 2018. A year later, it continues to be popular. Why exactly is the story so appealing? She sheds are an answer for tired, overextended women everywhere. They make self-care for the busy woman much more attainable. It's much easier to sneak to your private space within your residence for a few minutes than drive somewhere.

Sarah's story is the typical she shed story, but also so much more. Her shed is specifically for crafting. We believe the interest in her story is an indication that crafters everywhere are seeking a haven, a space of their own—dedicated to creative work.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear DreamBox owners refer to their boxes as their she shed. We see the shelves filled with craft supplies (of course), but also with inspirational signs, mementos and novels they're reading. We see them decorated to reflect their sense of style. From a place to craft to a multipurpose haven for themselves, the trend is clear.

She-shed vibes without the shed

In case you don't have a spare shed in the backyard to work with, here are a few ways to create a she shed feeling in your DreamBox (or any private nook of your house until your DreamBox arrives ;). 

1. Designate a few shelves for treasures that bring you joy to look at. Perhaps it’s a picture that always makes you smile or something your child made for you. 

2. Add elements to express your personality. You might try adding wallpaper to the doors or organizing your supplies in rainbow order. 

3. Find ways to stimulate all of your senses. Do you love aromatherapy? Keep a diffuser on the DreamBox table. If tunes help you to escape, keep a speaker in each door for a surround-sound experience. 

4. After crafting, what’s your go-to relaxation activity? Perhaps you love to flip through cookbooks. Store them on one of your DreamBox shelves.

You'll know you've done it right if being in the space gives you comfort and you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Leave a comment below and tell us what you have you done to make your creative space a haven. 

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