The WorkBox 3.0 Covers the World

If you have recently tried to order a WorkBox 3.0 only to notice that it's still on Pre-Order, we can explain.  In the last 6 months we have opened a new factory here in the United States in Fredonia, AZ to get out of Pre-Orders by February.  Then these companies (Below) loved our products so much they shared it on their viral Facebook pages, bringing thousands more to our website.  We are happy for our growing crafting family! 

We are doing all we can to increase our production, while keeping and improving our quality, knowing that your furniture is a special investment for you.  To show the quality and care, we have created a video below of the WorkBox 3.0 from factory to your front door.

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January 27, 2017

Hi I’m from Mexico, I would like to know the price of this one and how I can buy it or ask for it. thanks for your attention

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