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Turning a New Leaf 0

Get ready to start a new season off right!
"I am saving for this" - Linda H. 

  • Kat Espinoza

Lovely Labels! 0

The templates you have all been waiting for...

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Hello September. How do you do? 0

Read about customers and their reviews!
"I want/need this!! Plus the SewingBox too!" - Cynthia R.

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Better in Texas! 2

Our Attendance of Creating Keepsakes Convention in Houston, Texas!
"Should be called 'The Super Organization Station.' Love it!" - Norma A.

  • Kat Espinoza

Crafting as a Lifestyle 0

How do you use our custom furniture?
"These would be perfect for Homeschoolers!!" - Nicole B. 

  • Kat Espinoza

Crown Fit for a Queen 1

  • Kat Espinoza