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The WorkBox Crown

$ 299.00

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every queen needs a crown!

The WorkBox Crown is an accessory, resting on top of our "queen" of craft storage. Finish the look of your WorkBox by adding this beautiful touch of crown molding.
Included with the crown is our double stranded LED Light kit. For full features click on our "features" tab!

  • Light Kit is included with your purchase of the Crown accessory
    (some assembly required)
  • Custom fit LED Light, the same as natural daylight
  • Our double stranded LED Light provides up to 50,000 hours of lighting!
  • Easily control on/off settings with switch
  • Maximum of 708 lumens
  • Similar to Super Bright Natural Daylight OttLite LEDs
  • Crown is solid and compressed wood that matches your WorkBox (stained or painted)

The Crown is easy to install and fits on all existing WorkBoxes! (Our 2014 and older White WorkBox 1.0's are a vanilla color and the crown will be a brighter white.) The LED Light also comes with a warranty of 1 full year from date of purchase.

Installation Required
Remove sash lock from the top of your WorkBox, then simply screw in the 4 screws included in your light kit. You will be ready to "light up" your work area in as little as 10 minutes!

*Currently, there is no locking system for our WorkBoxes with Crowns. 

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