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White Magnetic Board

Product Description
$ 39.95

Never lose sight of your metal dies again!  

Our White Magnetic Board set is an accessory for previous and current models of our WorkBox.  We also offer NEW sizes for the Modern MiniBox, the Her HobbyBox, and the Ultimate SewingBox!  Decorate the swing doors with this creative and functional accessory for all of your die cuts.

We purposefully designed our white magnetic boards to hold and store metal dies. (Not designed for magnets) See our pictures below of customers who have purchased our White Magnetic Board Set! 

  • The Ultimate SewingBox- 1 panel for the left swing door
  • WorkBox - 2 half-panels
  • Her HobbyBox - 2 half-panels
  • Modern MiniBox - 2 panels
  • White matte finish
  • Magnetic surface 
  • Adhesive surface on reverse side
    • Attaches firmly to the back of the swing doors (may cause damage to door if removed)

Our white magnetic boards are a white matte finish and do not work well with dry erase markers. We recommend using the Crayola washable dry erase markers if you plan to write on your boards. All other Dry Erase Markers may leave a colored stain. 

Additionally, due to the polarity of the magnetic boards, normal refrigerator magnets won't stick well to the surface. We also recommend storing the die cuts "turned over" for easier removal.

    WorkBox (2) 15.25" x 32.75"
    Ultimate SewingBox (1) 15.25" x 38.25"
    Her HobbyBox (2) 15" x 27.28"
    Modern MiniBox (2) 15.25" x 23.125"

    *Purchase 2 sets of magnetic boards for complete coverage on each door of your Her HobbyBox and your WorkBox.  

    The Her HobbyBox White Magnetic Boards will also fit on our Teresa Collins StudioBox.  2 sets will cover both swing doors.

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