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The EZ View Desk 2.0 is for every crafter who loves to create!  It is great for the crafter who loves to stand while crafting, or loves a counter height work station! 

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The EZ View Desk comes with the extension package (2 outside drawers and center sliding shelf).  We no longer offer the EZ View desk at standard height without extension package.

  • Clear acrylic top - perfect for seeing all of your items!
  • Winged table top providing additional work space
    • Easily attach our ScrapMaBob found on our accessory page
  • 4 deep table top drawers, with removable dividers and visible storage
  • Outer extension drawers come with removable dividers
  • The Center sliding shelf, in between the outer extension drawers, is every crafter's dream functional space.
  • Beautifully designed silver hardware to accent your desk
  • Classic custom beadboard base doors
  • Adjustable feet to give doors easy swinging capabilities on carpet
  • Pull out sliding shelf in right base (BASE 2)
  • Desk is offered in our *white or black finishes
  • 8 Fabric totes or 10 clear acrylic totes included! (2 Extra shelves if fabric totes ordered)
  • Upgraded swing doors with:
    • 6 Hooks
    • 5 Shelves
    • 2 Large Pockets
Our EZ View Desk 2.0 has 2 different bases:

BASE 1 (Left): 

  • 8 black or gray canvas totes or 10 clear acrylic totes for storage on the outside of the base
  • Swing door with 6 hooks, 2 shelves and 1 large pocket

BASE 2 (Right):

  • Extra drawer and easy sliding shelf on the inside of base 
  • Swing door with 3 shelves, and 1 large pocket

Assembly Required.
May take up to 3 hours to build with two people.  Instructions provided. 

*There are several shades of white and our EZ View desk is a soft white color.  We do not have "brilliant" white furniture. .

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(using an adjustable chair for height is suggested for comfortable "fit")





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