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Her HobbyBox

Product Description
$ 1,195.00

Introducing Her HobbyBox, a spacious, mobile storage cabinet for all of your crafting materials.  Our Her HobbyBox comes standard with a Daylight LED light, 9 wheels, 22 of our Clear Acrylic Totes, and 7 clear zipper pouches! 

  • 2 Built in waterfall shelving doors - 60-100 pages per slot or can be used for magazines, patterns, page layouts, small cutters, quilting rulers, etc. (each pocket extends 12" down.  Waterfall door is only 3.5" deep)
  • 2 Swing (outer) doors, 3 inches deep! -1 inch deeper than our WorkBox 3.0
    • 4 storage pockets at base of swing doors.  No space is wasted.
    • 4 right swing door pockets 
    • 8 hooks for tool/pen storage
    • 7 acrylic guards for left swing door shelving
    • 6 acrylic drawers for embellishments, beads, notions, candy or other small items (left swing door)
    • 7 clear velcro zipper totes for easy to see crafting supplies and "take with me" easy removal
      • 1 Long (13"L x 6"W)
      • 6 Square (6"L x 6"W)
  • Built in Crown with double LED light
    • Light Kit is included with your purchase  (some assembly required)
    • Our double LED Light provides up to 50,000 hours of lighting!
    • Easily control on/off settings with switch
    • Maximum of 708 lumens
    • Similar to Super Bright Natural Daylight Ott Lite LEDs
  •  9 wheels for easy movement and folds away to a beautiful furniture piece
  •  Silver hardware and crystal doorknobs
  •  22 clear acrylic totes (washable) 8 shoebox, 8 notions, 6 Large totes
    • 6 Large (12 5/8"W x 12 1/2"L x 3"H)
    • 8 Shoebox (5.5"W x 12"L x 4.5"H) with 2 removable dividers each
    • 8 Notions (2.3"W x 12"L x 3"H) with 3 removable dividers each
  • 2 electrical openings for machine chords or power strips (one located below the table and the other above)
  • Sleek raised panel front doors (Classy Black and Elegant White)
  • Beautiful white interior melamine finish, won't warp or crack, easy to clean
  • Video link instructions for easier, quicker build, 3-4 hour build (ASSEMBLY REQUIRED)
  • Just over 5 ft high and only 2 ft deep for smaller crafting spaces
    • Signature fold away crafting table (height is 28" from floor to under table) 
    • Additional shelving under table for machines and extra storage

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